Which new phones on website for sale are compatible with Republic Wireless 1.0 Plan

Hi -

I am on Republic Wireless 1.0 Plan -> WiFi + Cell Talk & Text (Base Plan): $10/month (plus taxes and surcharges). Can you please tell me phones I can order from your website/outside that can keep my existing plan?

Appreciate your help.


Hi @ranjanu,

I’m afraid the answer is none. New phones that work with Republic require a My Choice plan.

Your 1.0 plan is grandfathered to your current phone or another legacy Republic phone. Legacy phones are no longer manufactured and, therefore, must be purchased previously used. If that’s of interest to you, Republic offers guidance here: Buying and Selling Used Republic Wireless Phones – Republic Help.

I’ll add that the equivalent My Choice plan is $15 per month rather than $10. I appreciate that’s a price increase, however, for me, it’s one worth paying for access to newer phones we wouldn’t otherwise have.

Thank You, @rolandh. Appreciate your help.

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