Which phone should I get


I have a Moto g 4generation phone. It’s been acting up and the cameras not the best photos are blurry and such. Plus calls are all messed up and I haven’t been receiving them. That being g send I’m upgrading to another phone. Long Battery life and a good camera is key. I was thinking about going with a Samsung Galaxy J3 but I noticed they don’t have a case available for you to purchase I am at a toss up between the Samsung Galaxy J3 and a Moto e5 plus. I’m not sure I want another Moto phone since my Moto g4 has given me do many issues but it seems like it has what I’m looking for. And the price isn’t that bad. What do people recommend and why?


Republic doesn’t support the E5 Plus. They support the E5 Play and the G5 Plus, did you mean one of these?


Here is a side by side comparison of phones currently offered. This may assist in your choosing:


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