Which phone suits me best?

If I were to get a new phone, what would you recommend? Here’s what’s important to me:

  • Good camera is a priority
  • Prefer small size
  • Prefer long (or at least average) battery life
  • Don’t care about most other features


A Cannon sureshot! Ask yourself, What works best in my area? Is the answer Sprint (CDMA) or T Mobile (GSM)? Then all you have to do is go here and pick a phone with specs you like.

Smartphones for every budget | Republic Wireless

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If the camera is really the thing you are wanting - the Google Pixel is the best rated smartphone camera currently on the market. However, that will set you back the cost of a premium phone, and for the same price, you could get a $400 Canon Rebel T5 (on sale) and a mid-tier phone. Also, the Pixel is currently rather hard to come by; they tend to be out of stock everywhere you look.

Then there’s the Moto Z, recently bragged on for shooting the latest Sports Illustrated cover with the Hasselblad camera attachment (http://petapixel.com/2016/12/06/first-sports-illustrated-cover-shot-smartphone/). Pair that with the offer from Republic starting the 7th that offers the Moto Z Play for $350 with 6 months of 1Gb service, and you can afford the attachment fairly easily. FYI - from what I have read, the Hasselblad camera mod is a stand-alone camera, so it shouldn’t matter that the Moto Z Play is the lesser of the three Moto Z phones on the market.

Good luck with the decision!

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