Which phone to BYOD?

Up to 300 bucks on Ebay (okay with refurbished phone) which phone would you recommend from the BYOD list? I prefer that it has nice camera. I’m going to mostly use this phone for text, phone, not a lot of surfing and I may not even turn on the data. Please give me your input.

I would consider the Moto G5+, which you can get new for that price meaning you’ll have a warranty. It punches way above its weight and has an excellent camera.


Thank you for such a quick reply. Do you think Samsung have better look and feel compare to Motorola? I currently have 2nd Gen Moto G

I personally prefer Motorola, as it is close to the default Android interface. I also don’t think, that for $300, there is a Samsung with equivalent performance, even if you go used.


Both of my granddaughters have the G5+ and like it very much. I have the Samsung S7 which is a very good albeit more expensive model. I switched from Motorola to Samsung for NFC, Wireless charging, and a Bluetooth interface that actually works with my Prius.

You can compare features here:


I would check out the Google’s OG Pixel or a Galaxy S7.

I had the S7 for two years, great phone and excellent camera! I’ve not used the original Pixel, but have heard really good things about it. I think you would be happy with either one. I think those might have the best cameras, for under $300. We loved the S7 camera so much, we stopped carrying our DSLR around. Mainly taking photos of small kids running all around.

Just my 2 cents

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