Which Phone to Pass Along


I recently upgraded from my Moto X2nd Gen to the Moto G5S+ and it has been great. The phone is snappy and the overall experience switching was very nice.

My Moto X is a tank and still has plenty of life left in it so I had planned on giving the phone to my dad. Who is currently on a plan with AT&T (500 minutes / 100 texts / no data) for 50$/month with a crappy flip phone. He would use the 2.0 10$ plan and end up saving a LOT of money from the switch.

My plan was to factory reset the phone, install a nice launcher that will have big easy to see buttons and then teach him the basics. However, my sister recently told me she wanted to upgrade from her Moto G3.

This actually made me hesitate a moment because there are a lot of different pros and cons for each phone. Both are on the 2.0 plans and both are in great condition. I wanted to get some opinions from others about which phone would work best.

So which phone do you think would work best in the long run? My sisters Moto G3, or my Moto X 2nd Gen?


The Moto G4 should be on a 3.0 plan. Did you mean Moto G3?


No, it’s definitely a G4, (not to be confused with G4 Play).

Edit: Actually, not entirely sure it’s on the refund plans however.

Edit Edit: Oh, yeah guess it is a Moto G3 huh. Ops


They are both good phones. The G3 probably will have better battery life, but if it’s not the 16GB version I might prefer the X2. My mother-in-law has a G3. I loaded it up with the Wiser launcher, but she kicked that to the curb pretty quickly and just uses the Google Now launcher.


Hi @Burusutazu

Tough call. Both phones will be a drastic upgrade from a 'flip-phone". Honestly, I think either phone will work just fine.

My Father has the G3 and my Ex has a X2. Neither is particularly tech savvy but they both are able to operate their device with very little help…(at least now that they have had them for awhile).
You are already aware that both have pro’s and con’s, but here’s a quick comparison for convenience… https://www.gsmarena.com/compare.php3?idPhone1=6649&idPhone2=7247.

Depending on your Father’s willingness to learn about smartphones, or lack thereof, this may be an app worth checking out https://www.google.com/url?sa=t&rct=j&q=&esrc=s&source=web&cd=3&cad=rja&uact=8&ved=0ahUKEwjU7sui_KzXAhVOziYKHbwHBT4QFgg1MAI&url=https%3A%2F%2Fplay.google.com%2Fstore%2Fapps%2Fdeveloper%3Fid%3DBIG%2BLauncher%26hl%3Den&usg=AOvVaw2dYdMwRKyjXSmCLr-p2M3H (there is a free and paid version).

My Father just uses the Google Now launcher but I hear him fighting with it occasionally. :stuck_out_tongue:


This may not be important in your father’s situation, but a plus for the Moto X2 is its ability to connect to wifi at 5 or 2.4 GHz. The G3 can only do 2.4, which many devices use. 5 GHz tends to get much less interference in areas with lots of wifi traffic.


The phone will only use WiFi at home so this is not an important factor.


For me, the decision would boil down to one of these two factors:

The G3 accepts a SD card, something to consider if he’ll be taking photos, videos, or storing music. (Don’t underestimate that, my mother has hundreds of photos and videos of her cat and dog on her phone!)

The X2 has the additional hands-free capabilities that I find I miss when I am using a different phone.

They are both good phones. Please let us know what you decide. If either phone needs a case, we can see if we have a (customer-returned, like new) one we could send to welcome him aboard!


The X2 will probably be the phone of choice since it will be the first available phone to use. Plan on activating it on the week of Thanksgiving :slight_smile:


G3 has FM radio - if that is a consideration for you.


Southpaw’s Super Secret (not!) Scratch & Dent Supply includes the following for the Moto X 2nd Gen:

Black Incipio Dual Pro
Black Otterbox Defender

The Defender is a great case, of course, and includes the belt clip, but some find it to be a bit bulky. The Incipio Dual Pro is also a great case, with a much slimmer profile. Please let me know which one you think he’d prefer. We love the idea that you’re bringing your family into our family by handing down a phone!


Definitely the Otterbox! It will definitely protect the phone while he is on the job. Do you need my address or are you able to pull it from my account?


Please DM me the address you’d like it sent to. Thank you.


Can’t be without those cat and dog videos :upside_down_face:!