Which phones use Sprint towers?

I’m considering Republic Wireless for my next phone service. Sprint has the best coverage in my area, zip code 99111. Is there a way to tell which of the phones Republic sell that use Sprint towers?


Our Community Members have curated an excellent list to help compare phone. The carrier is one of the criteria.


Sprint network or towers require a CDMA compatible phone. Good luck and RW should be a good choice for your next service.

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I would like to note that a lot of this area is roaming for Republic (Extended coverage on Sprint map is Roaming that Sprint treats as native but MVNO like Republic see as roaming)



If my area is considered roaming by Rebublic, does it cost more or how does it work with Republic? I’ve always had not contract phones (Tracfone/Net10) and they didn’t treat roaming different.


there no extra cost but there also no cellular data option in roaming areas
Roaming can be hit or miss as Republic on Roaming as all if there are issue with towers all they can do is report it to Sprint (Roaming is best effort)
Republic does use WiFi (your home/work/open commercial) as voice channel (VOIP) so a weak cell area may do better on Republic over some other MVNOs

Our wifi is satellite based. I know that the latency is not very compatible with a cell phone. We really only need a cell phone for texting at home, we have a landline. Our son and his family were her over the weekend and our daughter in law has Sprint as a carrier, she had full coverage and was able to watch a college basketball game. I’m trying to cover all my bases by getting a Republic cell phone that uses Sprint towers.


RW will ship you a phone best suited to the last ZIP code you entered prior to ordering your phone. If you purchase a phone elsewhere and take advantage of RW’s current free SIM/free shipping offer your new phone will be on T-Mobile BUT you can open a service ticket and have it switched to CDMA (Sprint) IF the phone is CDMA-compatible and certified by RW.

Since you just want the phone for texting from home I have some very good news for you. RW subscribers can install the Republic Anywhere app on their phone and on their PC. I love texting from my PC because I have a full-size keyboard and large screen for my old fingers and eyes.

So, if I buy a phone from RW and it’s listed in the spects as CDMA compatible it will use Sprint towers? I noticed that some of the phone are listed as CDMA and GSM compatible, does that mean they will use either Sprint or T Mobile towers?


So, if I buy a phone from RW and it’s listed in the spects as CDMA compatible it will use Sprint towers?

Yes, presuming RW Sends you a phone equipped with a CDMA SIM. They decide which SIM to send based on your ZIP code. There is no way to tell which SIM you are going to get by looking at your order. It would be very helpful if we could see this before finalizing our orders but, sadly, that is not the case.

I noticed that some of the phones are listed as CDMA and GSM compatible, does that mean they will use either Sprint or T Mobile towers? **Yes, but not simultaneously. There are two different SIM modules, one for CDMA (Sprint) and one for GSM (T-Mobile).

of the current phones there is no phone that is only CDMA there are some that don’t have CDMA but all 3.0 phones have GSM)
if the phone has CDMA Republic coverage checker should pick the better network, but no system is perfect and one can ask to be switch via a support ticket (they will ask for a few address and analyse the coverage to improve coverage checker )

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Right, so you can put in your zip code and see which phones they offer you. If they only offer dual cdma/gsm phones and no gsm only phones, you are good to go. Some people keep putting in different zip codes until they get this result, then buy the phone and put in their correct shipping address (which doesn’t change that the service will be chosen based on the zip code entered into the checker). I hope this makes sense.

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