Which Pixel 4a currently on Amazon works with RW? Do I need a different sim?

Which Pixel 4a currently on Amazon works with RW? Do I need a different sim?
I now have a Moto X4 which is running very slow and often not responsive to screen touches.
Any good or bad experiences to report with the Pixel 4a?

This one is compatible:

You may need a new SIM card if you are currently using a CDMA SIM card. See the help article here:

If you have a CDMA SIM card and want to retain that coverage, see:

My wife has used a Pixel 4a for ~10 months. No problems to speak of.


Thank you so much for your swift and detailed reply! I clicked on the link and ordered that phone. Was surprised to see a delay of 1-3 weeks so I will have to bear with the quirks I am encountering on my heretofore great Moto X4 until then. Also, I followed your good info of checking and found that my existing phone has a GSM sim so hopefully I will be all set to make the change when the phone arrives.
It’s been a few years since my last switch up, so hopefully everything will switch over including all my custom settings on my home automation apps?

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A brief follow-up to report that I received my Pixel 4a from Amazon about a week ago, removed my Republic Wireless sim from my old Moto x4 and inserted into the new phone and everything transferred over via Google very smoothly. A few of my home automation apps required me to sign in again which was no problem since I keep all my 16 character unique passwords stored in 1Password and I re-signed into RW and everything is knock wood going just fine. No more sluggishness and warnings about being at capacity and needing to remove apps. 128GB feels nice and roomy! And Republic Wireless is working just as great on phone calls and SMS as it always does!
Thanks for all the great advice and service.


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