Which Pixel 4A Will Work with RW?

I’m thinking about buying a Pixel 4A to use with RW. RW says it is compatible, but gives two different model numbers to look for when buying a Pixel 4A. One is G025J which I can’t find anywhere. The other–listed as a “compatible model” is GA02099-US, which I can find easily. So… do I have to hunt for a place that sells G025J, or will a GA02099-US work with RW after buying their SIM kit?


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This prior answer from @rolandh says the GA02099-US model number will work. :relaxed:


This is great news! Finally!! Ordering my pixel 4a now! So do I just move my sim card from my existing RW moto g6 to the new phone?

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Hi @feliciad,

The answer depends on what kind of SIM card you have. Please see:
Moving a Current Republic SIM from Old to New Phone, paticularly the “old Republic to new Republic…” section.


Thank you! My Moto g6 is a gsm so the Sim card can be moved!!


Thanks for the information about the 4A. Any recommendations on where to buy them from? I would prefer to give Republic wireless my cell phone business as well as the monthly but the 4a fits my sweet spot of price and camera quality and I really need a phone right now because my Moto Z play is “not behaving well”

I know this is off topic but I would be happy to stay with the 2017 Moto Z play because I really love the magnetic phone mount for the car but Bluetooth has never been right and the performances just simply abysmal. Lately I’ve been getting comments on phone quality being a bit dodgy although that may be Bluetooth problems again.

Yes, I’ve done a factory reset twice but no joy. So my only answer is to get a new phone.

Hi @mye.nyme,

Best Buy and Amazon have the 4a for $349.99 and $349 respectively.


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