Which Republic phones support Miracast?


Apparently no Motorola phone of any Android release does so.




Thank you. I had seen this link. In summary it says that " If your device runs Android 4.2 or later, you most likely have ‘Miracast’". My Moto G5 is at Android 7 per the System information and it does not support Miracast as nearly as I can tell. Have you, billg, had a Motorola telephone connect to a Miracast enabled television? If so please let me know the procedure. Otherwise if someone has a telephone supplied by Republic and use it to connect to a Miracast enabled television I would appreciate hearing about it.




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Which telephones available from Republic support Miracast?


Add an app for Miracasting Video & TV Cast - Miracast Display on tv
This is a 4 star app in the playstore and should work on your Phone.


No Motorola or Samsung phone supports Miracast.

The only 2 brands that I have found that list Miracast under their features that do are LG and One Plus.

I had a radio head unit with a 7" screen in my truck that has a HDMI input. The problem is that the HDMI only works with my Netgear PVT3000 Miracast adapter and my cable TV box. My Moto X1 use to work great with the Miracast adapter until the Moto was upgraded to Lollipop. It appears that Google decided that they didn’t want competition from Miracast for their newly released Chromecast dongle and disabled the service.


Miracast was replaced by just the normal cast that now is built into Android…as far as i know.
Miracast was on much older version of Andorid, I recall messing with it.
You will need a cast device like a ChromeCast to make use of Cast on modern phones.

Alternatively, you can possibly use a third party app to do “Miracast”.
AllCast I have used to cast to devices that do not show up on the phone natively.


There is the standard as defined by standards bodies, Miracast, and there are proprietary solutions such as those promoted by (evil) Google and (eviler) Apple. Oddly Microsoft, the former NIH champion, fully supports the standard.

This video makes clear that Google/Android formerly supported the standard and supposedly still could support the standard, but have chosen to disable this capability which is enough to make me abandon Android if the other choices weren’t even worse:


So here are the Samsung Galaxy S9 specifications on the Samsung website which state:
“TV Connection: Wireless: Smart View (Miracast 1080p at 30 fps, mirroring support available for devices supporting Miracast or Google Cast)”
which looks a lot like the Samsung Galaxy S9, available from Republic, supports Miracast.

Which (other) phones from Republic support Miracast? (And why isn’t someone from Republic helping out?)


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This forum is mainly members of Republic like you and I helping other members. Click on Help at the TOP of the pages and when you get the help pages ask for an expert . They are as close to being an employee of Republic …Heres a link I found it should help you.


An article: The Latest Miracast Smartphones 2018 or 2019



Hi @paulg.8ykpfp,

Our Member Community isn’t closely monitored by staff, and we can’t know all there is to know about every app everyone may wish to install. The wider knowledge of our members helping one another is generally more effective for questions about using the phones.

Our staff is trained to handle questions about our service.

Is it possible to contact Miracast to ask them specifically what their system requirements are and what phones work with this feature?


Hi @paulg.8ykpfp

Miracast uses Wi-Fi Direct. The Wi-Fi Alliance maintains a list of Miracast certified devices. It’s a bit cumbersome to sift through, however that list is linked here: https://www.wi-fi.org/product-finder-results?sort_by=certified&sort_order=desc&capabilities=2.

For what it’s worth, Google added Miracast support to AOSP Android with Android 4.2 (Jelly Bean) but apparently removed it with Android 6 (Marshmallow). All of Republic’s newer phones run Android 6 Marshmallow or later. Individual manufacturers like Samsung and ironically Google itself with the Pixel 3 add Miracast support to certain models. To the best of my knowledge, Motorola isn’t among those manufacturers

Edited to Add:

It seems Motorola is once again supporting Miracast on some models. A sample keyword search of the Wi-Fi Alliance list: https://www.wi-fi.org/product-finder-results?sort_by=certified&sort_order=desc&keywords=SM-J737U,A576RW,XT1925-2,XT1775.


Hi @paulg.8ykpfp,

Following-up on my previous post, the most efficient means I’ve found of sifting through the Wi-Fi Alliance list of Miracast certified devices is to plug the phone’s model number into the keyword search. Model numbers for Republic supported phones are available in this help document: Republic Wireless Phones – Republic Help.


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