Which Robokiller App Works Best with RW



Have been with RW since the beginning, last phone was a MOTOx 1st gen, 2 weeks ago got a Motox4 and now getting 5-15 robocalls per day. No new apps installed other than the RW Blocking app and having to use it all day long. Should I have to start a Help Ticket to get Tech Support involved or do some of you smart people have another option.


Hi keekersr
I use NOMOROBO for mobile It costs $1.99 a month but well worth it to me. I also have my home phone on it for free.
This is RW’s free answer to the robocalls


TY bocephous, I remember chatting with you years ago and all of the answers you had then, couldn’t remember your name for the life of me. Having the Pakistani IRS after me really pissed me off. Put in a Help request and hoping TECH helps me out. Been trouble free for years all of the Country fighting fires until I got the new phone 2 weeks ago.


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