Which RW phones have the best camera?

Which Republic Wireless phone(s) has/have the best camera? Among the ones under $400, are there ones that have great cameras? Thanks

Camera quality to price ratio there is no doubt that the Google Pixel 3a / 3a XL have the best cameras. At the current sale price, the Google Pixel 4XL has the best camera of the phones available for use with Republic.

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You can check for yourself … here is a link to user provided examples that were collected in a recent ‘Community Challange’ conducted by the Community Manager @Southpaw Photography Reviews - Member Community

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Thank you for the tips. How would you say the Moto g Stylus camera fares?

Hi @jeanbaptistep.9negx7,

I have a Moto G Stylus in the household. I find the camera to be perfectly respectable. That said, I would agree with @louisdi, the Pixel 3a series or if the budget would stretch, the Pixel 4 XL take noticeably better pictures.

Thanks! It looks like the Pixel takes great pictures. Too bad the memory is limited to 64GB.

Keep an eye out for the new line of Pixels being announced today. I have a strong feeling (backed by leaks) that we’ll see 128GB as the small size. TO BE CLEAR: GOOGLE IS ANNOUNCING TODAY. I HAVE NO INFO AS TO IF OR WHEN THEY WILL WORK WITH REPUBLIC.

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I’ve just seen an article about the 4a. I’m looking to buy a new phone in the next week or two, I don’t know if the 4a will be RW compatible in that time period. I also notice the price for the Moto G Stylus in the RW shop dropped.

Isn’t it true that the unlocked phones on Republic use the SIM card to enable the phones to run the Republic flavor of Wi-Fi/Cellular phone service?

And if that’s true, then isn’t it a given the new Google Pixel 4a will be compatible on the Republic network if you install a Republic SIM card?

(Speaking of which, any thoughts as to whether Republic will sell the Pixel 4a now?)

Hi @paulf.lrkq4k,

Not entirely; it’s the combination of the Republic app and the Republic SIM that enables certain carrier agnostic U.S. factory unlocked phones to work with Republic’s blended WiFi/cell service. Until and unless Republic says otherwise, the Pixel 4a is not supported.

Please see here: When will RW permit the Pixel 4a?

I would add that it is the combination of the Republic App and the Republic SIM interfacing with specific parts of the Android OS, that enable certain… The reason I think that’s important is because it is these interfaces that are often removed or mucked with by carrriers in their specific builds or even certain manufacturer’s in their builds for other countries. It is for this reason that only the US Factory Unlocked versions, that are unmodified for any carrier and even then, only certain software builds, will work with Republic.

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