Which S8 model is compatible?



I am thinking about trading in my Moto X Pure Edition for a newer Samsung Galaxy S8 (or S9 if Republic can introduce it in the next few months), and I saw that through the BYOP program you the only compatible model is SM-G950U1. When I go to Samsung’s website and look at their unlocked S8’s the model number listed is SM-G950U. Is this seemingly different model the same as SM-G950U1, because it is the only option for factory unlocked Galaxy S8’s on their website. If someone could help me it would be greatly appreciated.


Hi @cynthiap.z1w1bo!

Republic supports the North American unlocked version of the S8. However, look for the following SKUs in the description: SM-G950UZKAXAA and SM-G950UZBAXAA . I have attached a photo of the page as well. The phone on Samsungs website (SM-G950U1) matches the SKU provided by Republic so it is compatible.


BYOP not supported in my area. Is that just for phones that RW doesn't usually work with?

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