Which SIM card for my area


My old 2nd Gen Moto X SIM card used Sprint and worked beautifully. When I recently bought a used Moto X Pure and bought the SIM card from Republic to fit the phone the cell service was much worse and I understand the provider is T Mobile which I know does not have good service in this area. My question is when I buy a phone and get the SIM card from Republic how is it decided whether I get the GSM or the CDMA SIM?


All BYOP SIM cards are GSM. You can request a CDMA SIM from support using these directions: How to Request a 3.0 CDMA SIM Card – Republic Help


And one card Sprint is there provider and the other is T Mobile?


Correct. CDMA = Sprint


So helpful thank you. I am a very early Republic customer and I have never know how to get one on one customer service help. Now I do!


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