Which SIM card should I use?

So I placed the order for a plan back on Dec 14th, but the phone I ordered with it was removed from cart.

Later I placed order for phone, and selected I already had a plan.

I got a SIM card with the phone, and 1 day later I got a SIM card sent alone.

Which SIM card am I supposed to use?

It doesn’t matter which SIM you use. The plan is attached to the account it was ordered on rather than a specific SIM. You’ll have the opportunity to enter the ICCID of the SIM you choose to use at activation.

The above said, DON’T even think about moving an existing Republic number:


Having done it myself, activating a new number on 5.0 should be uneventful but attempting to move an existing number at this time is a really bad idea.


Oh my… That was a challenge. I miss the ease of setting up my original Phones with Republic.

A few notes, getting to APN Setup with the Samsung Galaxy A32 5G was different than the example on the video:

Settings-> Connections-> Mobile Networks → Access Point Names

Also There was no “+” sign, but there was an “Add”

On your printed instructions for setting up APNs, step 4 or 5 can’t remember which, they left off the helpful hints that I relied on in the earlier and later steps eg: (Name), (APN)

On a positive note, with WiFi off, I have 5G at my home!!