Which texting software should I be using?

I am not receiving all my SMS text messages being sent to me. I have a Samasung S7 phone with Android OS and on RW’s network. The phone is up to date with RW software, Android software is 6.0.1 (Marshmellow) and I have rebooted my phone. I am using Android Messenger as my texting app.

While I was completing a RW trouble ticket, I read that RW recommends that I install Google Messenger. That there is texting issues with Android Messenger and Samsung Messenger. However, there is no Google Messenger in the Play Store. Which texting app should I install??

PS: It does not appear that I have outbound texting issues.

Google Messenger was recently renamed to Android Messages (Android Messages - Android Apps on Google Play)

this is the one that should be used (though many other 3rd part ones will also work as long as they support “System” API (Textra, Chomp and many others)

I too am now having issues with Messages. Some texts come through while others give me a “Tap to try again” error message… and when I tap it, it joins turns in circles and “thinks”. I am missing many semi-important messages that I have to contact others about to get info. I think it mainly, if not exclusively, has happened with group texts. However it just started happening in the last 2 weeks… before that, it was fine. I too have checked updates and everything. Any help would be great.

Hi @scotth.fgrsu6,

Please see here: Issue with MMS (Picture and Group) Messages on Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 edge and, if interested in other options, here: Alternate Text Messaging Apps for Samsung Galaxy S7s.

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