Which towers does Republic Wireless use in central Kansas?

I would like to know what towers are used in central Kansas, specifically the Wichita/Hutchinson areas. Thanks in advance for replies.

All Republic customers, regardless of location, are configured with either Sprint or T-Mobile. Which one depends on the model of phone in combination with the location. So there isn’t a simple answer to your question because “it depends”.

Thanks for the information…I think. :wink: I’ll check the coverage here and watch for phones that work with those carriers.

Phones that work with those carriers don’t necessarily work with Republic. Only the phones shown here do: Republic Wireless Phones – Republic Help

Ok, that helps also. Thank you.

lousidi, after looking at the Sprint and T-Mobile coverage maps, it appears that T-Mobil is not very good in my area. Is there a way to tell on each phone, which carrier is used?

It would depend on the SIM card in use in the phone if it is a My Choice plan compatible phone.

The BYOP SIM you buy from Republic or on Amazon is GSM.

There are some model phones that are GSM only and thus could not use the CDMA Sprint SIM.

In the RW app, under the settings, About, it will tell you what SIM type you are using.

If you need a CDMA SIM, you can request one from Republic:

Here is an old comment regarding an alternative to the carrier maps … No Service in Call/Text area of Coverage Map

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