Which video calling apps work with Moto X and Moto G on RW?

I have been trying to connect with my mother using a video calling app, but we aren’t able to connect. We tried Skype - and after a weekend of misery trying to get that to work - we have uninstalled that from the phones now. We are trying JusTalk, but even though we can each call the other (which is more progress than we made on Skype), neither of us are able to answer the incoming call. The issue could totally be with us, but we are asking for help to figure this out. Does anyone have a suggestion for an app that will work for us? Thanks in advance!

I’ve used Hangouts - Android Apps on Google Play successfully for video calling. Google Duo - Android Apps on Google Play is a new video calling app from Google (downloaded it, but never bothered using it yet).


Haven’t tried it but Whats App is a biggie with the Italian part of my family.

Video Call For Whatsapp - Android Apps on Google Play

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The WeChat app works well for video calling, and can also be used for voice calling, text messaging, video messaging, voice messaging, and more.

WeChat - Android Apps on Google Play

Thanks to each of you - I will give those a try.

I like the seeming flexibility of this app. I am going to try it after the Google Hangouts that is already on my phone. Thanks for the input…and the description.

My brother asked me to install this app:

Tango - Free Video Call & Chat - Android Apps on Google Play

And it worked very well even over 3G and didn’t cause my phone to overheat like some apps. It was also very polished looking and operated very smoothly.

HOWEVER like some of the other “social media” apps it also had tons of other stuff built into the app such as games and other garp that I had no interest in. On top of that it tried to make itself the default app for all kinds of things and it frustrated me so much I uninstalled it and never looked back. The finer granularity of app permissions may prevent that now.

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