White Screen When Trying to Answer Incoming Call

I have a Moto G7. Recently when getting incoming calls from friends who have a different ring tone than the default I swipe up to answer and the screen goes to white. Then the phone gives me another chance to answer the call. I swipe up. White screen again then call disconnects. I can then call the person back.

What’s the fix for this? Anyone else having the same issue?

Hi @ivanb.hucpb2,

Interesting that you’ve narrowed this down to contacts you’ve assigned a different ringtone to. What app did you use to do that? As a test, if you switch them back to the default ringtone does the problem go away?

I used Google Contacts to assign different ringtones to a couple of close friends. Changed their ringtones back to the default. So far test shows problem solved. Thanks for the suggestion!

Hi @ivanb.hucpb2,

I’m still curious to know if you used a third-party app to create the ringtones for your friends’ numbers?

I have used custom ringtones on the Moto G7 Power without any impact to the ability to answer the call, and I would expect you to be able to do so on the G7.

My suggestion wasn’t meant as a solution, but just as a test. I’d still like to see if the Community can help you figure out how to have unique ringtones for those contacts and still be able to answer the phone.

Here’s another wrinkle. I used MP3 Cutter | Ringtone Maker to make the default ringtone. Then I was selecting alternative standard Android ringtones for my 2 special contacts.

I don’t get that many calls nor do I want to give a whole bunch of people special ringtones. I’m happy to have my default ringtone work so I can answer the phone for my two special contacts without further troubleshooting.

Thanks again!

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