Who else do you recommend, if not Republic?

Who do you recommend other than Republic? If it were you.

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There seem to be plenty of options among the Dish Wireless corporate cousins. If one doesn’t suit you, there’s always the next. Some of Boost’s 12 month prepaid options compete favorably against what Mint is offering (although they’re a pain to find on the website).

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Not sure if you’re putting an ambassador in a tough spot so I’ll jump in and say to broadly check Mint, Tmobile, and Ting if you are currently on T-mobile Republic.
Specifically, see what network your phone has the best band support for and either go direct or choose an MVNO that suits your situation.
For me on a yearly paid 1GB Republic plan, Mint or T-mobile direct made the most sense. Important distinctions between those 2 for me were traffic prioritization, domestic roaming (Tmobile advantages) vs international calling and unlimited slower data after hitting plan cap (Mint advantages)

Alternatively, this reddit thread has a huge comparison spreadsheet you can filter down and use as a jumping off point.

Indeed there are though one need not limit themselves to alternatives among the DISH family of brands.

I’ve used both Mobi (Verizon network) and Tello (T-Mobile network) for service on a household iPhone as Republic doesn’t support iPhones. I’m a huge fan of Mobi’s support but not so much of Verizon’s network in my area. Tello’s support, in my experience, is decent but doesn’t match Republic’s (or Mobi’s) but T-Mobile’s network is a much better in my area than Verizon’s.

Of course, neither has a helpful Community like this one and Community is a part of Republic’s value proposition for me. Price is obviously a component of value but it’s not everything.


I moved one line to Mint on their 4GB plan… I had hoped RW would offer something comparable… but mid-range data usage is big gap in RW’s new plans… I hope they know what they’re doing… the new plans don’t really seem aimed at retention as much as going after a specific market segment.


Boost has 5GB/month for $150/year. I’ve never used Boost, but the ability to walk into a store has some appeal (although I don’t know that this plan is available in-store).

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Honestly, why would they do anything else? Boost churns more customers per month than Republic has overall. 0% retention certainly isn’t desired, but also would mean nothing in the grand scheme of DISH. The only way keeping Republic as a brand makes any sense is if they create something that they believe targets an underserved market segment, a different market segment than their other mobile brands, overlaps with the DISH Satellite business or all of the above.

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Right now Mint suits our needs for the one line that we moved over there…the other two manage on the 1GB on RW…would like to try one out on the new plan…before we decide…if all need to move to Mint… not really interested in exploring Boost…but thanks for the info.


It really shouldn’t have any appeal. Ever been in a Boost store? I have. I decided to try Boost a couple of months ago. When I couldn’t get wifi calling working on my phone I tried phone support, and then tried phone support again, and then tried chat support. When all of those failed I then tried three local stores where I might as well have been asking them for a pocket fusion reactor.

Turns out that Boost doesn’t have wifi calling on the T-Mobile network.

To be honest, you kind of come across as a ■■■■. And that’s OK. But when you run into problems interacting with customer service I don’t always consider it representative of the entire population of users.


When you run in to such problems with three different channels of support, and 7 different representatives, well, a pattern becomes evident. Especially since the answer was: “I’m afraid you’re activated on a partner network we don’t offer wifi calling with.” and instead I got multiple recommendations to factory reset my phone.

Not sure why they didn’t know this, it’s listed pretty clearly in their wifi calling section Q&A. Once you understand nationwide vs expanded in Boost-speak anyway.
"Is WiFi Calling available on all devices?

WiFi Calling is only available on the Nationwide Network and not on the Expanded Data Network."

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Depends entirely if you’re a heavy user, phone only, or in between.

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After waiting for three months to find out about the new plans, I agree entirely. I was aware that they were moving to AT&T, so no shock there, but after paying an extra $5 almost every month for my youngest sons phone, who seems to use between 2GB - 3 GB a month, plus the fact that I purposely download my Spotify playlists to keep myself under the 1 GB limit, I was really hoping for the following:

  • $20 month w/ 5 GB (not even close)
  • Ability to use Rich Text Messaging - RCS (RW has not updated their help center on RCS, so I guess its still unsupported)
  • A slew of new phones, including an iPhone for my wife (mostly true)
  • Ability to use Venmo, even though RW has been poo-poo’ing Venmo for years and saying use other services. (Yes)

I was not expecting:

  • The inability to have more than 2 lines per account.
  • To be treated like a senior citizen (my two 20+ yr old sons are planning to leave because they know they’re going to be mocked by their friends for using a senior citizen phone company)

Overall, SUPER disappointed.


And not anywhere near the market price point on AT&T

You can use RCS to your heart’s content on the new plans (RCS uses data so you’ll need data to use it).

So we used my youngest sons phone as a test case. He got the Mint sim card, followed the instructions and within a half an hour was up using his phone. He could call out and text out, but Republic was still in control of incoming texts/calls. It seems that can take up to 72 hours for RW to release the number to another service. After about six hours, I received an email from RW saying that one of my service lines was cancelled. At that point he could then receive calls/texts.

He just walked around the block this morning, testing the WiFi to cell service handoff and said there were no issues whatsoever. He is ecstatic that he isn’t limited to 1GB anymore, I’m ecstatic that I’m saving $5/month and he’s on the same TMobile network that he’s been on with RW.


Thank you so much for letting me know that! I plan on ordering a new phone from Mint so I am going to assume my current phone with my number will remain active until the number transfers over. So glad you remembered to tell me your experience.

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Yes, it will.

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Mint supports esims for certain phones…worked for my Pixel 4a…so I just did everything online and was up and running on Mint in under half hour including number transfer.


Kids with medium data usage and good T-mobile coverage is the sweet spot to move to Mint. Maybe someday RW will add plans like that… would love to stay with RW/ move back to RW…still prefer the simplicity of RW’s plans to the deal hunting promos at other carriers. Mint’s plan structure is still one of the most straightforward. We also considered Ting…but you never know when Ting might rebrand or move over to AT&T coverage similar to RW.

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