Who is the cellular service provider for 5.0 plans?

Is AT&T the new RW service provider for 5.0 plans? If so, why would Dish/RW become partners with AT&T/DirectTV? I didn’t think Dish & DirectTV got along very well.

“Under the terms of the 10-year deal, AT&T will provide voice, data, messaging services to customers of Dish-owned mobile virtual network operators (MVNOs) Boost Mobile, Ting and Republic Wireless.”


Why a partnership? $$$. Lots of it.

Will this just be for 5.0 plans? Or will they also replace T-Mobile/Sprint for the 3.0 & 4.0 plans? If so, I guess we will all need new SIM cards if we have GSM-capable phones.

This is only for 5.0 plans

There no way to activate new SIMs for 4.0 plans they will stay the same as the been (until T-Mobile shuts down CDMA’s LTE network in June 30th) where members with those SIMs will have to make a choice to move to 5.0 plans or look for service elsewhere

Well, I hate to say it but I’m thinking my wife & I will be leaving RW. It’s been an OK ride, connectivity has never been that good in Raleigh just north of I-540 but we normally are on WIFI & south of I-540 while we are mobile it’s been good connectivity. We are both engineers & liked the start-up mentality of RW & their relationship with NC State so that’s why we went with them initially. My wife wants the Samsung Flip which I don’t see RW supporting anytime soon & with all the other stuff going on with RW it’s probably time to move on. Most likely Spectrum, any advice or words of wisdom whether that is a good or a bad move?


I’m on one of the lower plans. Are you saying I will be forced to move to 5G by end of June if I stay with RW? Will my cost stay the same or be different?

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Just want you to be aware that the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip and Flip3 are supported for the new plans: https://help.republicwireless.com/hc/en-us/articles/4413599944471

Nobody is being forced to use 5G (which can only be accessed by 5G capable phones in any event).

You will, though, need to move to a different plan by the end of June if your phone is using a CDMA SIM card. Have you checked? Open the Republic app > tap the “gear” icon at the top > tap “About” > What does it say under “SIM Type” underneath your phone number? GSM or CDMA?

If GSM, you can continue your plan into the future.

If CDMA, then the SIM won’t work after T-Mobile shuts down the former Sprint network and you’ll need new service.

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if by lower plans you mean the old 1.0/2.0 refund plans then your phone will stop working when the 3G CDMA shutdown on March 31st as the phones used for those plans do not support the VoLTE that will be need to work until the 4G shutdown (June 30th)

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Thanks Andreas. I had looked down that list & must have missed it. The Flip 5G is there. Do you know if we can do that immediately? We may or may not reconsider. I know Verizon/Spectrum coverage is better for our North Raleigh general area than T-Mobile RW but I’m not sure about the 5.0 plan AT&T/RW coverage.

Yes; you should be able to activate any of the phones on the compatible list on the 5.0 plans now (although I recommend waiting a bit longer until Republic has worked through more of these initial growing pains).

@southpaw may be able to speak to how well AT&T is working on the ground in Republic territory there around Raleigh.

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I would only be able to speak to how well Republic Wireless 5.0 coverage is doing, and I’m afraid my situation over the last few weeks has not allowed me to get out and test much. I also don’t make it to North Raleigh often, but may have a chance to get up that way this coming weekend, weather permitting. :snowflake:

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I just signed up with Spectrum today. Being on the Verizon cell network and with their WiFi coverage they seem to be the best plan for us here in Southwest Wake County. We are still waiting for our phones to be delivered. I did spend a little time talking with the activation department who quickly answered my questions about porting and made sure I knew all of the information that would be needed to successfully port our number. That’s not much of a test but I’ve generally had decent service from Spectrum’s more technical groups over the years and see no reason that won’t continue.