Who's Network is associated with RW?

I am asked by some of my business contacts what network is RW on so they can send me a text. How do I find out who is the network? Example my insurance company wants to send me a text to verify my identity; I say Republic Wireless (RW) they respond we don’t list them, do you use AT&T, Sprint, TMobile etc. Some have “Other” in their listing; regardless I can’t receive these texts, they never come through.

Republic 1.0 and 2.0 used Sprint (CDMA partner) while 3.0 uses either Sprint (CDMA partner) or T-Mobile (GSM partner)

Some of these companies also offer email alternatives and you can configure the Republic Wireless App

on your phone to receive Email as SMS.

See here for details on how to enable this in your Republic Wireless App


I think what you are asking about is called short codes.

One way to get short codes from businesses that haven’t upgraded their system to the 21st century is to use the underlying phone number. This underlying phone number can change if you make a plan change so be aware of that.

3.0 and Short Code SMS

How to find your phone’s Sprint number and stop unwanted calls or texts to that number

I would also open a support ticket at the bottom of the help page and let them know which businesses you can’t receive a short code from.

Republic Help

for 3.0 hers the ways to find underlying carrier numbers (in the comments of the blog @marshallh posted


also for 3.0 phones here who to tell if it’s the CDMA partner or GSM partner

/thread/65894-republic-wireless-coverage-update-and-cdma-availability?messageTarget=all&start=175&mode=comments#comment-518390 from @southpaw@rw

6. How can I tell which coverage was assigned to the phone I received?

  • If you order one of our GSM-only phones, you can rest assured you will have GSM coverage.
  • CDMA phones are labeled CDMA on the box:
    click to enlarge
     (Label image courtesy of an Ambassador who received a CDMA G4+)
  • If the phone arrives with the SIM card in the box rather than pre-installed, it’s definitely GSM. However, if the phone arrives with the SIM card installed, that does not conclusively mean it’s a CDMA phone, as some of our GSM phones are still shipped with the SIM card pre-installed.
  • A GSM SIM card is white, and the word republic has public in green letters.
    click to enlarge
  • A CDMA SIM has a different color for each size of the SIM Card - Gray, Green, White. The word republic is all gray.
    click to enlarge
  • Once the phone is activated, I believe @rolandh has provided a dialer sequence that is specific to Sprint, meaning if it’s a CDMA phone you’ll see a a menu with the word “Sprint” at the top of the screen. If it’s not a CDMA phone, the phone will not respond to the dialer sequence. I would caution you to cancel out of the resulting options once you confirm your coverage.

We do not rely on major carriers for SMS, Short Codes or MMS.

I’m betting that you are asking about how to set up email to SMS like @amitl mentioned. Tell your insurance company to use Other and enter @text.republicwireless.com.

One note-- don’t forget to turn this capability on in your RW app on your phone! (Nope, this definitely didn’t take me 20 minutes of troubleshooting to figure out the first time…)

To turn it on, open the RW app then go to: Settings (gear icon, top right of screen)>Advanced Settings>Allow SMS messages from email (2nd from last option, scroll down)

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