Why am I not receiving voicemails?!


I tried resetting my password but when I call voicemail, I just get a long silence then a message about an error. I had someone call me and leave a message but got no notification of a vm. What is going on? I recently deleted a bunch of voicemails a couple weeks ago so I don’t see how it could be because it’s full.

Update: It looks like all my voicemails, even ones I deleted are still there. This is ridiculous.
Update: Even after deleting a bunch of vm’s, still can’t access my voicemail…


Hi @kentw.dgfzww,

Please give this a try. Let me know whether that helps, and I’ll update your ticket so our technical team knows you’ve already given it a try.


Thanks, that fixed it but I still have a ton of old voicemails that should’ve already been deleted. Is there a quick way to delete them?


Our support team can bulk delete them for you, which deletes all but the last 50.

Otherwise, using visual voicemail in the phone app is easier than deleting them by listening to them one by one.


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