Why am i not seeing all of my text messages

I have a text thread that all of a sudden only shows the previous people and date of the text but not the actual messages

Which phone, which messaging app, and have you reached the thread size limit?

Moto G 1st Gen. how do I find what messaging app I use? I don’t believe it has anything to do the the size limit. If someone replies to a previous text I can see the current reply but looking back on the thread I can only see the person’s name and date but no text. And also can’t see attachments in the thread. this just started a few days ago and it isn’t happening with all conversations.

I’m guessing you are using the native Messaging app. Open the app. Tap on the 3 dots top-right. Tap on Settings. Verify that you have not exceeded the SMS (Text) limit or MMS (Picture) limit.

If you haven’t exceeded the limits do this:

Go to Settings


swipe right to left to ALL column

scroll down to Messaging

Tap on it.

Clear Data

Tap on OK This will not delete your threads.

If that doesn’t fix it try this:

Clearing the Cache

When I follow what you told me and I click on Clear Data a warning comes up that says all apps data will be deleted permanently. this includes all files, settings, accounts, database, etc. I don’t understand any of this so do I really want to say OK.

Yes, go ahead and say OK. You will not lose your message threads.

How do I verify that I have not exceeded the limits.

Count the messages. I delete my message threads when they get 10 or 12 messages in them.

my settings shows I have text limit of 500 and multimedia message limit of 100. Also the delete old messages is checked. just noticed something in my text. There are numbers showing after a name which I assume is the number of messages in that thread. I have some threads that show over 500 but I am still able to text. But as my original question has to do with some of the messages in the thread show up and some just show the name and date.

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