Why am I only getting 3g

Moto x

Base plan plus .5gigs of data

Just reactivated an old phone and I can only access 3g network. It’s so slow that certain apps cant connect. Why is this happening

Issue Description

Hi @randyz.ugwgeu

How does 3G and 4G work with the Republic Wireless Plans 2.0?

If your phone is 4G LTE capable and you’re in a 4G area, your phone will automatically connect to the 4G network. Otherwise, you’ll connect to the 3G network.

Moto X 2nd gen. Republic refund .5 gig plan

It is 4g capable. This used to be my main phone. I used republic for 4 years had no problem auto connecting to LTE. I am definitely in LTE coverage as well

Hi @randyz.ugwgeu,

That being the case, please try the following. Please follow these steps in order and do so where you have both known good WiFi and cellular signals. If you run into an error message, please stop and report that message back to us.

Restart your phone.

Perform a VoIP Reset:

Tap the Phone icon.
Tap the Dialer icon.
The dialer will disappear. If an activation screen appears, wait for the process to finish, then tap GREAT THANKS!.
The Republic Wireless notification icon may disappear briefly then reappear. If the icon does not reappear after one minute, restart your phone.

Update the PRL (Preferred Roaming List):

Tap Apps.
Select Settings.
Under System, select System Update.
Select Update PRL.
After the update is complete, tap OK.

Wipe Sprint Settings:

Open the Phone app.
Dial ##72786#
If prompted, tap Yes to confirm. Please do not be concerned by any warning. No harm will come to personal data stored on your phone. Despite said warning, this step is nothing more than a refresh of your phone’s credentials with Sprint’s servers.

Completing the next steps are crucial or your phone will not work on cellular:

Tap Apps.
Select Settings.
Under System, select System Update.
Select Update Profile.
After the update is complete, tap OK.

Your phone should automatically restart after completing the Profile update. If not, please manually restart your phone.

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Will try this thank you. Will update my progress

I couldn’t remember if it was 4g or not I had to google specs. I owned a X1, X2 , and now a X4.
Have you cleared the cache and rebooted the phone?
There is a possibility that the 4g antenna is damaged.

Will try this as well thank you

Heres something else too


  1. Connect your phone to WiFi
  2. Dial # # 72786 #
  3. Tap YES
  4. Update your phone’s data profile


This is good advice, however, it’s already included in the long set of steps I provided. It won’t help to duplicate it.

If those steps fail, @bocephous has a point that there may be a hardware issue on the phone. There might also be an issue with the cell towers in your immediate area previous LTE coverage notwithstanding. If the steps I suggested don’t clear things up, may we know your zip code?


Clearing cache did not work. Still 3g. I will try the other step when I get home

My zip code is 98030

If the suggested steps don’t work you can request Support send you a new SIM card that may resolve your issue.


I will note the Moto X2 is CDMA only so it’s should not be a coverage issue as it worked there before

I will note in some cases replacing the CDMA SIM is a known simple/quick fix for members with Legacy 4G issues.

My G3 was unable to connect to 4G after reactivating it early this year. 4G CDMA coverage/signal at location was verified good using a G4 with 3.0 CDMA SIM. Replacing the SIM card fixed my issue.

I requested the replacement after dealing with Support over a 2 1/2 week period and they they suggested my phone had a hardware problem.


Thanks for the tip I will try that. The above steps did not work.

Ok… so I popped out my sim card and put it back in and vioala, LTE connection. Thanks for your help I will come back if there are any more issues.

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