Why are all the phone specials for T Mobile lately?

The last 2 specials for $99 phones must not be Sprint phones because they don’t have coverage in my zip code.

I’ve been waiting to get my daughter a new phone to replace her Moto E and my wife has been shopping Ebay to, possibly, change from Tracfone to Republic.

GSM only phones trend to be a bit cheaper as they only need 1 radio [GSM/late will use the same as IC radio, while CDMA needs a different radio than the late uses,
The Moto E4 will have CDMA option at a later date [it a technical activation issue keeping it on GSM for now] I do think new phones for both CDMA and GSM are coming soon this is just my opinion though

For now Sprint only has two options, the Moto G5 and the Samsung Galaxy S7.
I’m also patiently awaiting more Sprint options as T-Mobile has poor coverage in my area.

As for specials… both Samsung phones have been heavily discounted recently which benefits both Sprint and T-Mobile users.

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Thanks for the very fast response, drm186.

I’m a technodunce so terms like GSM ansd CDMA are like understanding Mandarin for me.

I’m guessing T Mobile uses GSM and Sprint CDMA?

Yes the CDMA partner is Sprint and although Republic is under contract to not say it the GSM partner is T-Mobile

Edit for more information on CDMA vs GSM please see this post

Thanks for the info.
Occasionally, I see LTE at the top of my screen and wondered what it was

Purchased the Moto E4 as an extra phone. Deactivated it as i only use it as my Kindle Reader.

One thing i noticed, that the battery last me up to 5 days before i have to recharge it.
Believe that’s the best feature ot the phone. But all the other features are smooth and fast.
For a $99.00 phone, i call it a winner.

My phone is a G4 Play that I got several months ago.
My daughter has an older Moto E which has done well.
My son had one but he destroys phones

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