Why are calls failing? Intermittent Upstream Network Issues

I am still having problems calling. Calls do not get through.

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Hi @jarw,

Sadly, it appears to be a continuing issue from the weekend. For now, all one might do is follow Republic’s status page linked here:


Hi rolandh,

I’ve been with RW for over 10 years. This is the first time I experienced a complete shut down.
Not able to call for so many hours is very frustrating and scary!!

The report says “The issue has been identified”. What is REALLY the issue??..
Why it takes so long to fix?

I can’t know for sure, but there seems to be an upstream provider issue. I’m also having intermittent issues with my VoIP line and my Google Voice line. The common denominator seems to be the bandwidth.com CLEC.

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Hi @jarw,

The issue is not with Republic per se but rather one of its upstream network partners, which @cbwahlstrom has correctly identified as Bandwidth.com. Bandwidth has been under a Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack since, to the best of my knowledge, Saturday. The intermittent nature of issues suggest Bandwidth is waging a somewhat effective mitigation campaign but mitigating DDoS is something of a whack-a-mole scenario.

Lest anyone think I’m divulging confidential information, what I’ve just written is publicly available information. There’s a DSLReports forum thread linked here:

There’s also Bandwidth’s status page linked here:


Bandwidth’s CEO has acknowledged the DDoS attack here:

Local media reports FBI involvement:

The attack is disrupting multiple providers of service beyond Republic. Bandwidth is a large publicly traded national Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) carrier. VoIP is the technology powering the WiFi portion of Republic’s blended service and Republic numbers are hosted on Bandwidth’s network. Bandwidth also hosts numbers and/or provides services for Google Voice, DialPad, Phone.com, RingCentral, Sideline and Twilio among others. Both Microsoft Teams and Zoom use numbers hosted on Bandwidth’s network for dial-in access.

As of this morning, things appear to be stable. Hopefully, the attack has subsided. Time will tell… :crossed_fingers:


Thank you so much with the info. That’s what I was thinking over the weekend, but I couldn’t confirm anything.

I just tried to call and it didn’t work. 5 minutes ago was ok. So, it continues the same, very intermittent.


Unable to make or recv calls

Hi @sanjays.9l5p5v,

It’s likely the result of the upstream issues noted in my previous post: Calls do not go through - #7 by rolandh.

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no the issue is not exactly new. calls don’t ring at my end and on the sending end they get a message" the member you are calling is unavailable. please leave a message."
also my cell often opts for cellular dialing when the wifi is present and strong. not good as I don’t have strong cellular service in the area.
thanks for you help but you’re not hitting the head yet.

I’m having the same problems. Calls are dropping or not going through at all. Texting works fine, so I can live it with for awhile.

No problems making calls and getting connected so far. I did have a situation today when I needed to punch star to get switched to the right desk once I was in the call, but it was as if I hadn’t done it. Several tries failed in 3 different connections. It never did work.

This experience is likely a result of Bandwidth’s network issues. I saw multiple reports impacting multiple Bandwidth wholesale customers (Republic and otherwise) yesterday. Let’s hope the moles stay in their holes and need no further whacking.

No actually it seems it’s gotten worse in that text is now acting whacky.
I do agree it is intermittent , but when it doesn’t work it’s like my phone is useless

The issues are caused by an international cyberattack (Bandwidth Hit with DDoS Attack, Dealing with Service Disruptions). The FBI (https://www.newsobserver.com/news/business/article254588122.html) and likely other national security agencies are involved. You can monitor the latest status that Republic has here: https://status.republicwireless.com

I have the same problem a laurab. Would not work for about 45 minutes. No calls in or out. We were waiting for a call from out doctor and it never came in and she is great about phone calls!

What phone do you have? Moto G7 Play

What plan are you on? My choice +2G

Not able to make it receive calls. I don’t check with community every day. It appears this is an ongoing problem. I haven’t heard of a local outage.

Also can’t make calls. Have moto g power.

It is, sadly, an ongoing intermittent issue. More context here: Calls fail: Intermittent Upstream Network Issues - #5 by rolandh.

Seeing the same issue in Pittsburgh. Appears we can receive calls, but cannot call out via Wi-Fi or cell signal. As rolandh stated, it’s an ongoing issue, and doesn’t appear to be limited to a specific locality.

Missed important calls from at least 2 people today. One called from a cell phone and a landline. The other I’m not sure of.
Outgoing calls and texting worked just fine.

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