Why are my calls going over cell when i am on wifi

What phone do you have? moto g7

What plan are you on? my choice +1gb

Does your plan include data, or just talk & text? yes

Issue Description

I’m clearly connected to my wifi and have a strong signal, but my phone is connecting via cellular and occasionally won’t allow outgoing calls at all.

Hi @garys.nt6a3i,

If the Republic app determines the WiFi connection is inadequate to route calls, it will, by design, move calls to the cellular network.

Regarding not allowing outbound calls at all, I understand you are connected to your WiFi network, however, how is cellular coverage in your area?

As a starting point, I suggest you power cycle your network equipment (modem and or router).


I don’t understand why the Wi-Fi would have been inadequate since it was working fine on my computers and both the phone and the computers were all within 5 feet of my modem/router. The fan shaped Wi-Fi symbol at the top of the screen showed that the signal was at 100% (completely filled in) but the cellular symbol (right triangle) was showing an “X”, yet the Republic note on my phone indicated a connection to wifi but calls on cellular. After awhile the X went away and I was finally able to make a call but it was frustrating since I was trying to make contact with a medical office which was near closing time.

Nonetheless, I recycled my equipment today as instructed. At this moment, my cellular signal shows a very minimal strength, the triangle is mostly clear but no X. I do recall this happening before with my wife’s phone but I think this is a first for mine. All in all, it is hard to understand why the cellular matters if i am at home and my wifi is up and running properly.

It appears you’ve had Republic Wireless service for quite some time. When did these problems start happening? What changed in that time? New phone, new ISP/router, you moved, etc… Would you care to share your zip code?

I’ve had this phone for 2 years now (purchased Nov 23, 2019). This is the first time I have run into this problem, though as I said, my wife experienced it with her previous phone. (I got her a new one last spring). All pieces of my network are more than two years old, no changes, no problems. My zip code is 29909 and my provider is 100% optical to my home.

I said, if in the opinion of the Republic app there was a WiFi quality issue, it would, by design, move the call to cell. There are a variety of reasons why Republic’s app might detect a quality issue with WiFi for calls, that wouldn’t affect computers or the phone when using Internet data. Among the possibilities are latency, jitter and packet loss. One or more of those might be present even with a strong signal and fast network speeds.

Beyond that, networking equipment (modem and or router) is essentially a special purpose computer. Just as computers and smartphones (handheld computers) benefit from an occasional restart, so too does networking equipment. Power cycling one’s networking equipment is a relatively low hassle thing and often clears up transient glitches.

The X does not indicate the absence of cellular signal, it indicates the absence of cellular data. This is, however, problematical for Republic’s proprietary blended WiFi/cell service because Republic’s methods do require cell data to be present.

Given the circumstances, I can appreciate the frustration. You were eventually able to make the call over cell precisely because the X went away meaning cell data was now present.

We agree that using your WiFi connection is optimal and using cellular is not. The Community would be happy to help with a deeper dive into possible issues with your WiFi network should connection issues persist post power cycling of the network equipment. :crossed_fingers: the power cycle is sufficient.

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