Why are my phones not receiving incoming calls on cellular networks?


Incoming call on cellular networks not reaching my phones. No ring, no missed call notification, nothing.

All other call/text functions working properly.

Incoming calls to “sprint” number works, republic number does not work.

Tried ## 72786# activation reset with no success.

Ticket opened with limited response.

Both phones on my account are affect Moto G1 and Moto G3


If Sprint number is working but your regular number is not working…you most likely need to do a VoIP refresh.

You will need WiFi connection to complete this step.

Using your phone’s dialer Dial ##8647##

You can also look at this video for instructions.

How to VOIP Your Phone

The detailed troubleshooting steps are also listed in this document



Did you update the profile? After dialing that code it must be updated:

  1. Wipe Cellular Settings

  2. Tap the Phone icon.

  3. Tap the Dialer icon.

  4. Dial ##72786##

  5. A SCRTN screen will display. Tap YES to continue (you won’t lose any data).

  6. Your phone will restart and go through cellular activation, then restart again.
    Note: Once this step is complete, you must complete Step 3 below or your phone will not work over Cell.

  7. Update the Profile
    Note: You’ll need to be connected to WiFi in order to update the Profile.

  8. Tap Apps.

  9. Tap Settings.

  10. Tap System Update.

  11. Tap Update Profile.

  12. Once the process finishes, tap Complete.

  13. Your phone will restart.


We are having the same issue with two RW phones. We do not receive any phone calls over the cellular network. This started occurring on Thursday - 4 days now. I have a ticket open with RW, but they are slow to respond. They suggested calling ##72786# then to do a profile update. I did this for both phones with no success. Still waiting for another reply from support.


I am having the same problem with my Moto G1 phone.


Can you please post your ticket number and the last you heard back from RW support?


Please submit a help ticket… if you already have a ticket open…please post your ticket number here.


@douglase.ldgxgf and @tedl.il5ip7 ,

Can you please confirm that you can do everything else except receive incoming calls on cellular?

What about outgoing cellular calling and texting…is that working?

Let’s make sure that we are not lumping together dissimilar issues.

Also, please post your ticket numbers if you already have a ticket open for your issue.


Ticket #1084802. I initially posted the ticket on Friday, and they replied Sunday morning at around 1:00 am. That is the last response that I have gotten so far.


Outgoing cellular calling and texting is working fine. I just can’t receive phone calls over cellular. The caller gets a long delay then a busy signal, and it sometimes goes to voicemail or does nothing at all. I noticed the issue 4 days ago. I think it works once in awhile over cellular. But I haven’t noticed working at all today. This is occuring on both of our RW phones - both phones are Moto G3.

My ticket #1084802


Thank you for that additional info and your ticket number. I have requested Republic Support to take a look at your ticket.

You should hear back from them soon.


Thank you. I got a reply back this morning requesting that I do several other trouble-shooting steps, which I can’t do right away due to work. These steps are getting time-consuming. Isn’t it possible that the issue is with the network some how rather than our individual phones? The reason that I ask is the the problem comes and goes, and others are experiencing the same issue.


I understand that the troubleshooting steps might take some time…but that is the most thorough way of moving forward.

I would encourage you to continue working with RW support to avoid parallel troubleshooting through other channels that could be potentially counter-productive. If you feel you have already performed some of the steps…be sure to note them in your ticket…also sometimes it is important to do

them in a certain order.

Is it possible it is a network issue? It very well could be…but if it were a widespread outage then they would have seen related spike in ticket

activity. It is also possible that there could be a localized outage…either way the best way to move forward is through your ticket…so that

you get the individualized debugging that you need beyond the crowd-sourced assistance that the community can provide.


Thank you. The phones have been working for most of today. But that is subject to change again. I am going to hold off on the troubleshooting steps for now until support replies again. Plus I want to wait and see what happens. The troubleshooting steps are time consuming and support is slow to respond. My friend went through similar or the same steps and nothing was resolved. Ultimately, he switched carriers. I personally don’t think it is an issue with our phones, otherwise the issue would be consistent. We have had issues like this in the past even on our old phones, but they were really random and temporary - nothing big. This time it occurred over the whole weekend, which is likely a peek time for phone calls. I am wondering if we are being bumped off of the Srpint Network due to high activity. I would assume that Sprint customers have first priority and we are bumped when activity is too high.


Ticket #1085225

Solved with app and cache wipe Clearing the Cache (takes a while be patient)

Then __* # * # 8647 # * # * __activation


Our phones started working this morning, and they have been working consistently all day - many tests. We never did any type of app and cache clearing. I am wondering if it is something to do with the network rather than the phones presenting some type of problem.


What resolved this issue for you? I have the same issue (pretty sure I’m also dealing with Sprint coverage in my area). Been back and forth with tech support for weeks and now months. We’ve already tried all the things mentioned in this thread, but to no avail.


Hi @matthewh.lqdox6

matthewh.lqdox6 wrote:

Been back and forth with tech support for weeks and now months.

Well I’m sure that is unacceptable to Staff and Customers/Members alike. Sorry to hear you are having this issue.

Will you just confirm you have reviewed the link provided by @amitl and have performed the troubleshooting steps?..


(Make and Receive a Phone Call )

If you do not mind posting your Ticket #, we will be happy to request support take another look at this situation.


Yep. Have done all those things twice. Once myself and again with tech support. Tix # 1083864 . I keep being told engineers fixed issue and keep sending back records of failed calls.


OK, thanks @matthewh.lqdox6

I will request RW support tech’s take another look.