Why are texts not timestamped correctly when my phone is off?

Hi, I currently have a Pixel 3a but have had this issue for years on previous Motorola phones.

Basically, if my phone is off, any texts that have come in since it was last on are timestamped with the time of when I turn my phone on and receive them.

Why aren’t they timestamped from when they were sent?

It’s very annoying when I get an incoming text saying “I’ll be there in an hour” and I have no way seeing when it was actually sent.

I’ve asked others (non-Republic Wireless customers) if they have this problem and I’m told no.

What gives?

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Hi @robg.ev3gek,

This does not appear to be a Republic only phenomenon. As a test, I sent a group message to 5 numbers (1 Republic, 1 Google Voice, 1 AT&T Prepaid, 1 Google Fi, and 1 T-Mobile). The timestamps on the messages received to my Republic number and GV were within minutes (the message to the Republic number was received on multiple devices via Republic Anywhere). The same group message received on AT&T, Fi and TMO numbers were all timestamped as of when those phones were powered back on.


Interesting, thank you.

Care to share your rational for turning the phone off?

I turn it off every evening just before bedtime and power it back up in the morning. It just seems wasteful to have it sit there all night using the battery for no reason.


I think part of the issue as to why this is seen as “normal” behavior is that turning off your phone at night is unusual. Most people leave their phones on 24/7 so this issue doesn’t really impact most folks (using the overnight as the time to charge). In fact, Google/Apple/Etc spend an awful lot of time working on features that assume the phone will be on 24/7 (like do not disturb, night mode, etc).

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Seems perfectly normal to me to turn off the phone before bedtime and back on in the morning.

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