Why are the plans on the site not available on my phone?


I currently have a Moto G 3rd generation phone and pay $25 for unlimited talk/text, unlimited WiFi and 1GB of 3G data. Here on the website (Affordable, No-Contract Cell Phone Plans | Republic Wireless) Republic Wireless is offering the same plan for $20. When I go to change plans through the app on my phone this plan doesn’t show as available. The closest options are the current plan/price I’m on or go down to the $10 plan with unlimited talk/text, unlimited WiFi and no data. Why is that? How can I get the same plan for $5 less? Please advise! Thanks!


Different phones are eligible for different plans. If the plan you want doesn’t show up in the Republic app on your phone when you go to select a new plan, then your phone is not eligible for that plan.

Republic FAQ segment:

Can I use the new plans(Clear Choice) on my old 1.0/2.0 phone?
Republic Wireless 1.0 and 2.0 plans rely on our unique ROM build. In order to offer our members a wider range of phones, more timely phone launches, faster Android updates, and a BYOP(Bring Your Own Phone) experience, Republic Wireless 3.0 uses an all-new architecture that moves us out of the ROM. Republic Wireless 3.0 phones aren’t compatible with our 1.0 and 2.0 plans and vice versa


Hi @travisg.nq9hz5,

The phone you have is eligible for either of two plan structures.
Our grandfathered Unlimited plan includes 5GB of 3G data at $25, with reduced-speed data after the 5GB is used up.
Our Refund plan includes 1GB of 3G data for $25, and every but of that 1GB that you do not use is refunded. In order to offer the refund option, the plan must be priced at $25.

Our newer plans, as seen on the webpage you linked includes 1GB of data with no refund option for $20. That $5 difference is possible because there is no refund option. This plan is not available on our legacy phones.

They really aren’t the same plans. We have unlimited or refundable data for $25, or 1GB for $20.


The 2.0 $10 plan with unlimited talk/text, unlimited WiFi data and no cell data is not available with the newer 3.0 phones/plans. The comparable or same basic plan costs $15 on the 3.0 clear choice plans. There are cost advantages/disadvantages for members staying with current or moving to different plans/phones.


Thank you for the information everyone! :+1:


You’re quite welcome, @travisg.nq9hz5. Thanks for posting a clear, well-written question that will help others understand the change that have taken place as we’ve launched new phones and new plans.

Please let us know if you have any further questions.


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