Why BYOP pages differ?

OK. Total confusion here regarding BYOP coverage. Seemingly conflicting info on three pages regarding my zip (32640).

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The first page you are referring to is telling you that if you already have a Republic compatible phone and only need to order a SIM card, which would mean you would be getting a GSM carrier SIM, that coverage is not good for your area.

The second page is listing the phones that will work in your zip code. Those would then be the Sprint carrier phones.

The last page you are referring to lists all of the Bring Your Own Device Compatible phones. That page is not checking the coverage for your area.

The coverage check has determined that GSM isn’t the best phone for you hence the GSM only phones are excluded when you go to the shopping page. You are getting the BYOD message because, regardless of which phone you bring, all BYOD phones are activated on GSM.

This situation might disappear if and when RW gets on-line CDMA activation to work. Then a BYOD phone could be activated to work with the recommended CDMA carrier.

I’m in the same situation where I live. I have a BYOD S7 on GSM (T-Mobile) and it works as well as my former Moto X (2nd Gen) on CDMA Sprint hence the coverage check isn’t 100% accurate where I live.

You can do your own coverage check using the CDMA (Sprint) and GSM (T-Mobile) coverage maps:

4G LTE Coverage Map | Check Your 4G LTE Cell Phone Coverage | T-Mobile


When you use the T-Mobile map select the Samsung S7 to see the proper coverage for all RW BYOD models. “Fair” coverage is a bit optimistic and some (but not all) of the frequencies used by T-Mobile have poorer building penetration than Sprint signals.

If you independently determine that GSM will be good for you then you can BYOD despite the message you received, install an RW SIM, and it will work.

Hi @kriss.4398tl,

I can appreciate why it seems confusing to you and possibly others. So I will try to help clarify things for you.

  • Coverage Check | Republic Wireless tells me: "Please note: “Bring your own phone” is not supported for your location at this time. "
    This section is determining the best carrier for your zip code (either CDMA or GSM). It has apparently determined CDMA (Sprint) offers better coverage than GSM (T-mobile) because “Bring Your Own Phone” is available on only the GSM carrier.
  • Top Android Smartphones, payment plans optional | Republic Wireless tells me that 8 out of 15 phones are compatible with my location.
    This section lists phones that will work on the CDMA carrier based on your zip code so it is omitting phones that are GSM only, which would not be a good option for your area. That’s why only 8 out of 15 phones are stated as compatible for your area.
  • Bring your own phone to Republic! | Republic Wireless seems to imply that there are at least 16 BYOP phones that will work regardless of my location
    This section lists all phones available for BYOP. It does not clearly indicate that these phones can only be activated on the GSM carrier (T-mobile), which would not be a good alternative for you based on the coverage checker.

Thank you, one and all for the answers. I still submit that the lack of clarity on these pages are costing RW a lot of business, as I have already talked to 3 friends, the last of which brought these disparities to my notice, and wanted to know the straight dope. I had no idea what to tell them, as it is as clear as mud. These pages, unfortunately have lead these 3 friends to consider RW too risky, and only the last one noticed that it applied even to my zipcode and thus wanted why we were able to use RW. The message in the first link is all that the first 2 friends saw, and immediately went another direction. But I only found that out after meeting most of them at a recent party.

I think most of us who frequent the Community have had quite a time coming to grips with the way the 3.0 phones are sold. On Tuesday I got a call from a buddy of mine who wanted to upgrade his Moto X (1st Gen) and was completely confused by the new shopping system.

Like me, he lives in an area with both T-Mobile and Sprint coverage. At his home the T-Mobile coverage is actually better than the Sprint coverage but at the center of his ZIP the Sprint coverage is a little better so the coverage checker excluded the GSM phones. It made my head hurt trying explain this to him. He ended up ordering a G4+ from RW because he has been happy with the Sprint coverage but was nervous when doing so because nothing in the ordering process assured him that his new phone would be on Sprint.

I find it ironic that a system intended to make it easy for a person who is not familiar with the coverage maps and the two technologies had, in the is case, the opposite effect.

His new phone will arrive on Friday and I’ll be activating it for him at my home on Saturday afternoon. It will be interesting to see how his G4+ on Sprint (hopefully) compares to my S7 on T-Mobile with both phones side-by-side in a place where both carriers deliver marginal signals.

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