Why can't I call *77 to block anonymous callers on Republic Wireless?


What phone do you have? MOto X Pure
What plan are you on? $20 a month plan
Does your plan include data, or just talk & text? all

Almost every other carrier lets you call *77 to block anonymous calls. Republic gives message “dialed number not allowed”. Is there a different number to call to block ?


Hi @carolm.3yrr4w,

*77 to block and *87 to unblock incoming anonymous calls is typically offered by landline service providers. Of the big 4 cellular carriers, I believe only Verizon does so currently.

In any event, it doesn’t work with Republic nor is there an alternative code I’m aware of. It can be done with an app. This one should get the job done:


I prefer the paid version, largely because I don’t like ads in my apps but it’s $5:


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