Why can't I change my billing info?

So I’m trying to change the card that gets billed from my older brother card to my own personal can and it won’t let me. I have tried to submit a help ticket didn’t work for the 3 hours I tried, can’t connect to anyone in chat to help me. And super agravated that there is no phone I can call to sort this mess out instead I have been trying to do this for hours now with no luck

are you the main account holder?

only the main account holder can change billing information

only one card can be used per account
if you are trying to split you phone off his account you need him to create a help request to do this

Hi @murphyd.arymxt ,

I’m sorry you’re experiencing so many failures. Could you tell us more about what “it won’t let me” looks like? Are you seeing a specific error with either updating the billing info, logging in, or submitting the support ticket?

When submitting a support ticket fails, you can E-mail us at help@republicwireless.com. Because the process for assigning tickets received this way is manual, response time is a little slower than using the support ticket submission form, so we don’t recommend it as the primary way of reaching support, but it’s definitely better than giving up in frustration.

Alternately, I could create a support ticket on your behalf, if that would help. I’m signing off for the evening, but will check this thread in the morning. Please let me know if there is anything I can do for you.

The account has only ever been mine and only mine. He paid a few of my bills because I had lost my job and had no money to pay it. Now I have money and it won’t let me put my card on there

When I try to change the billing info it loads for 20 minutes nothing happenes, the help ticket would not create either a box I had to fill in wasn’t there or there was no submit button. And the live chat had me sitting at number one in the que and about 4 minutes till I could be help for a half hour

Hi @murphyd.arymxt,

If you’re attempting this from your phone, you may have more success trying from a computer. If already trying from a computer, using a different web browser and/or an incognito/private browsing window might do the trick. If none of this helps, the best route would be directing email to help@republicwireless.com unless @southpaw@rw has a better way.

Hi @murphyd.arymxt ,

We are seeing support tickets being created today. This is not my way of saying you’re doing something wrong, or you’re making this up, this is just my way of making sure we don’t have a systematic problem we need to investigate.

Likewise, I’ve just updated my own billing info, and then changed it back, and had no problem doing so. Again, this isn’t to cast any doubt on what you’re reporting, but to check to be sure we don’t have a system-wide issue we need to be dropping everything to fix.

That you are seeing issues across so many of our functions suggests there’s some sort of interoperability conflict between the equipment you are using, its network, and our system. Perhaps you have a very intense firewall that feels threatened by the way our system is set up. Perhaps you have an add-on to your browser that blocks some of our features.

I’m guessing here, because there are details missing from your description that we’d need in order to fully understand what’s going on, but if you’re using a computer, you may have the best results by trying to update your billing info in an incognito (or stealth-mode) browser.

I’m not seeing a support ticket in your name yet, and I don’t see a livechat session, so I’m going to go ahead and create a ticket on your behalf. Our support team will not be able to update your credit card info for you, but they can try to help troubleshoot what exactly is preventing you from being able to do so.

I’ve checked your billing cycle date and we still have some time to get your account updated before your next month’s service is charged.

That was very kind of your brother to help you out; I know what it is to be between jobs. Is he also a Republic member?

I’ve just created your ticket, so you should have it in your E-mail, and it should also be visible to you by signing into:


I have been using my phone which has always worked. The fact that this is already taken over a day and the only advice I have been given is just keep trying.

This is very poor customer support.

If I wasn’t dealing with having to move states, and having to quit my current job because of having to move I would have gone to a different company. It shouldnt take over 30 hours to fix this problem that could have been fixed in about a half an hour if I could have called and fixed this.

Now I get that no hold thing but you just said they couldnt help me change my info, what’s the point in continuing.

For real worst experience I have ever had with a company and all I do is recommend this company. That’s going to change.

Thank you for the additional information that you are trying to make this change on your phone. I’ve just changed my billing information on my phone, and had no trouble, so I’m not seeing that we have some sort of system outage that would be causing this issue. I even tried typing various parts of the information incorrectly to see if that would get it to hang as you’re describing, and simply cannot duplicate what you’re describing. Are you on Wi-Fi or cell?

I’m not sure what the “no hold thing” is you are referring to. Our support team does not handle our members’ billing information, as allowing them to do so would compromise the information. It is securely stored, with only the member having access. Calling in would not allow us to update your credit card info.

I do apologize that we’ve not been able to meet your expectations in customer service, and that this additional frustration is adding to an already stressful event in your life.

It looks like you may be local to our area. Could I possibly meet you somewhere and let you sign in on my computer to update your account information?

As someone who has either worked in costumer service or around it all my life, the fact that I have basically been told ok I see you have this problem I don’t get that problem so just try again. That is [redacted] stupid there should be someone I can talk to on the [redacted] phone who can explain the problem and actually help me in real time instead I’m here talking to people who know Jack [redacted] of what is going on with my account. I have tried being calm and rational but this is stupid. How can you expect someone to just say oh well I [redacted] no one at this company can help me. Like for real you guys have suggested the same [redacted] thing over and over again and obviously it hasn’t worked but oh just try again.

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I created a ticket on your behalf. I will note in it that you would like someone to call you. Our customer advocacy team that would be best suited to help you works normal Monday-Friday business hours.

I’ve asked someone from our technical team to give you a call this evening. They don’t usually handle this type of issue, but they understood your desire to get this resolved and were willing to try to call you.

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