Why can't I clear the call history from my MotoG?

I keep directing the phone to clear call history, but it never clears out.

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Hi @evelynk,

Are these the steps you’re following:

  1. Open Phone app.
  2. Tap three dots upper right.
  3. Tap Call History.
  4. Tap three dots upper right again.
  5. Tap Clear call history.

If the above are the steps you’re following and entries remain in call history, these are likely voicemails. You may note what looks like a tape recorder icon. Deleting voicemails requires tapping each entry, starting to listen, then tapping the trash can icon to the upper right. Guidance for deleting voicemail from Republic here. Note as mentioned there, if you have more than 50 saved voicemails to delete, Republic can bulk erase all but the last 50. Making that request will require raising a help ticket.

Very helpful. Thank you. The phone calls do not clear out. And yes those are the steps taken. The part about republic help ticket for bulk removal of voicemails was instructive. Appreciate it!

Hi @evelynk,

For the phone calls that don’t clear, do you see an icon like the one highlighted here:

If so, they’re voicemails.

A very good question. Indeed some calls do have the voicemail icon, others do not.

Update: I just double checked, and the calls left showing are all voicemails. So now I know what to do… And thank you!

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