Why Can't I Correct the Number for My Phone

So my husband entered the wrong number for my phone when we went to transfer from Verizon. It took a week to process, so we waited until it was rejected. The instructions for correcting the number on this site show that I should be able to just click on the line I wish to re-enter for transfer to view the details, verify the number with my other company, then transfer. This is not working. I can’t even click on the phone. I am extremely frustrated. Why can’t I correct the number for my phone?

The phone number is the key to the whole number transfer shabang and cannot be edited. The whole transfer must be cancelled and re-entered. That is how number transfers work for all carriers. Did you go through support to get them to cancel the transfer?

Looks like we created a ticket for you about this all you need to do is reply to it and tell us you mis-typed the number so we can cancel it. We have no way of knowing this unless you tell us.

That might be my issue. The instructions did not mention to do that. I noticed your response after this as well, so I will try that. Thanks!

The reason it did not say that is that we have no way of knowing the number is wrong all we see is an error. For this type of error you have to catch why it is failing. All we see is that the number is not available to port.

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