Why can't I get help to activate my phone?

I’ve been waiting over 12 hours for someone to help me get my phone activated. I cannot be without the ability to receive emergency calls! So frustrating!

Hi @deborae and welcome to the Community!

I’m sorry to be welcoming you under frustrating circumstances. Generally, activating a phone with Republic is self-service using the Republic app on the phone one wishes to activate. Are you having difficulties using the self-service method?

Regarding the 12-hour wait, if you’re comfortable sharing the ticket number (nothing more), I’ll ask that the ticket receive some attention.

Hi @deborae,

I’m looking into why your ticket has gone unanswered and will make sure someone is in touch with you through your ticket very soon.

Thank you, but I found the answer! You have to enter a code, and it will activate the phone!

Hi @deborae,

Typically, there’s no code required. It sounds like you may have needed to refresh the republic activation? I’m glad that you’ve now got the phone working, though.

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