Why can't I receive verification texts from Amazon and Paypal?

I cannot verify logins when they send a MMS because for some reason the MMS is never received by my phone (Samsung Galaxy J3), nor by the Republic Anywhere app on my desktop or laptop. This is a recent development and is very annoying, not to say preventing me from logging in to some sites altogether.
Why is Republic Wireless blocking these MMSes?

Hi @CharlesB512 and welcome to the Community!

Please know Republic doesn’t block any text messages either standard texts (SMS) or multimedia texts (MMS).

Are these missing messages MMS (picture and or group messages)? Or, since you mention confirming logins; are they for multi-factor authentication purposes? If the latter, may we know who’s sending them?

Hi @CharlesB512 and welcome to the Member Community. The sounds more like a 2-factor authentication (2FA) issue and not RW blocking anything.

Republic Wireless uses VoIP technology. Some companies have corporate policies prohibiting account verification to a VoIP number.

Here’s a link to further discussion in the Community specific to banks (as an example): Alternative Bank Authentication Methods

Keep in mind, any company that uses 2FA (not just banks), can decide at any time to prohibit account verification to a VoIP number.

If you’ll share a company or site name that you’re having an issue with other Members might be able to confirm if 2FA works with the site. This might help narrow down the issue.

Places that send MMSes that do not arrive on my phone or Republic Anywhere:



(are the ones I can recall offhand)

They have all been working until two days ago, now they do not work, suddenly.

Thank you!

Hi @CharlesB512,

Neither Amazon or PayPal are sending you pictures, correct? I ask because unless pictures are involved, this isn’t MMS but rather short code SMS.

In any event, I’m able to receive codes from both Amazon and PayPal using Republic Anywhere on both my phone and Mac computer. Amazon’s short code is 262966. PayPal’s short code is 72975. What happens if you text the command HELP to those short codes? Do you receive a reply from either or both?

Thanks! I tried that with PayPal and it responded to my phone and RA on my desktop with "PayPal: For Assistance, please visit the Help Center ". Naturally, following that URL got me nothing I can use. To get real help from them I have to login, Catch-22.

HELP to Amazon got NO response.

Thank you for your suggestions!

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I found out that when I turned off my VPN I was able to login without any issue. So, it must be Amazon and PayPal and Wells Fargo who don’t like VPNs. I use a VPN for security reasons. If I take my laptop or phone to a public WiFi someone can institute a “man in the middle” attack and see everything I do. There are many reasons for why using a VPN is important for security reasons.

I do not understand why I have to reduce my security for these sites, but it is not Republic Wireless’ fault.

Charles Bell

Hi @CharlesB512,

Thanks for getting back to the Community and letting us know Amazon’s and PayPal’s issue was your use of a VPN, which I admit to finding a bit odd. Out of curiosity, are you able to receive those messages using Messages by Google in lieu of Anywhere with the VPN active?

For @christy99, I’m afraid the Wells Fargo issue is something different. More from Republic on that here:

And, a workaround here:

No, I haven’t tried Messages by Google since I don’t trust Google.

Hi @CharlesB512,

Please forgive me for stating the obvious, however, Android (all Republic compatible phones are Androids) is Google’s operating system.

Nevertheless, I was curious about results with Messages by Google to see if telling your VPN to whitelist the URLs mentioned here might help:

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