Why can't I send a picture by text to a 5 digit number?


I’m trying to sent a picture of my receipt to 40303, but keep getting a message that it is invalid, use only US or Canada numbers


Are you doing it correctly?

The receiving party may have Republic blocked if they don’t recognize Republic Wireless.

Short code not compatible with Republic
Not all short codes operate equally. In order for short codes to work successfully, each service provider has a number assigned to them which acts as their identity when sending/receiving short codes. Many short code providers only allow messages to go through if they have that provider’s identifying number (a.k.a. whitelisting). If you’re having problems sending/receiving a short code and you’ve checked all of the above, this may be the reason why it’s not working.

Short Codes

SMS (Text Messaging)

I would also open a support ticket and let support know if the short code is not working. Unfortunately, I suspect it wouldn’t be able to fixed quickly if at all.

Republic Help


I’m not sure why it doesn’t work, but another user documented the problem with the same short code over a year ago:

MMS-to-shortcode is not allowed ???