Why can't we delete E911 locations?

After reading the thread I’ve moved and want to update my E911 address, I revisited the tips article and my E911 data.

First, I’d note that apparently the 3 address limit went away in December 2016 or so.

Second, it is strange that bad addresses persist because we can’t delete them. I have six E911 addresses listed. Two of them are identical and reflect the fact that the town name is taken from the post office name, despite the fact that three towns share the same zip code, and the correct town is also an entry in the list (and it’s worth mentioning that each town has its own police department and fire department.)

That last address is valid – my billing address. One address has been invalid for 7 months, but it will apparently stay in the list forever. Another address is still valid, but won’t be in two months or so. And a last address is where our grandkids are. So six E911 addresses for soon-to-be two real locations.

Could someone explain the “difficult issues” that require this mess to persist? Southpaw?

Hi @darkseas,

Can you tell me where you are quoting “difficult issues” from? I’d like to understand that context.

Other than being messy, are these outdated addresses creating any issues or errors in your account?

A wonderful feature of the community fora is that when you create a new message, you get a list of historical posts the software thinks are relevant. What popped up was a post from December 2016 by seanr. He wrote:

“I had the dev team remove the 3 address limit wording. There is no such limit anymore. The ability to delete was removed due to some difficult issues. The words will be update when the next code push is done over the next day or two. Also having the writers update the online documents on this.”

No, not having the ability to delete addresses isn’t a show-stopper. It is messy. Further, old addresses hanging around in Republic’s data base isn’t overly reassuring, since that kind of info is used by the three credit reporting agencies to validate user logins. It’s probably not a good practice.

Thanks for the context, @darkseas.

We don’t report to credit agencies, so having those addresses spill into your login validation from our records is not something you’d have to worry about.

I agree with you it’s messy. I tend a bit toward compulsion and since I do a lot of testing on my account, the extra addresses that have accumulated kind of get on my nerves.

I reviewed the old engineering work ticket that I think Sean may have been referring to, and what it seems to amount to is that there are specific addresses we are required to keep for various reasons. For example, every state has the right to audit us to make sure that we are paying them the right amount of taxes, and we have to be able to show that purchases and service fees were taxed based on the address provided for that moment in time. So the last time a delete option was discussed, it was determined that in the interest of making sure a delete option doesn’t destroy data that really needs to be preserved, the work would not be able to fit into the timeline that was then available for the project at hand, but could be picked back up at a later time. There was also discussion of placing a “delete” button that simply removes the address from displaying in the list in the Account Portal, but that seems almost like we’re trying to hide something, and make you think we’ve actually deleted the address when we haven’t.

Clearly, the work was never picked back up, as we seem to keep our engineering teams very busy with higher-priority items. :disappointed:

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