Why can't we turn off voicemail?

Hi @nicholasb.fxfbne,

Thanks for chiming in. It’s fascinating that this topic is of such interest to you even after you’re no longer a Republic Wireless member.

Let me repeat what I said: We’ve had a feature request for two years that has (now that I’ve added this latest request) three people placed on the list. I did not suggest that only three people in the course of all history and anywhere on the internet have ever made such a suggestion.

And I’m sure a few have made the request to our agents and the agents failed to add the person to the list. But having scoured tickets with the search keyword “voicemail” for several hours this week, I can assure you that the number is not in the hundreds, so far as those requests being made to our company either here in Community or through our Help Center. While I understand that people like to use other platforms to discuss Republic Wireless, we’re not able to monitor those platforms closely in order to make product decisions.

I would love to see more interest in such a feature from our members. I personally think a far more feature-rich voicemail product would be a great enhancement to our service.

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It’s interesting - I think this is an issue that is very much a background irritation for most people. I feel it’s like spam callers - nobody wants them, but the idea that I would file a feature request to stop them doesn’t seem realistic.

Talking with a few people at work about this I very much get the impression that most people think of voicemail as an annoyance that they didn’t think it was possible to get rid of.

I wonder how often someone got a text or email and thought ‘wow - I wish that person had recorded that message and left it on my voicemail instead’? I mean maybe that happens? A sweet message from a loved one is a case that springs to mind. Still though, I’d rather get emailed an audio file.

Come to think of it that’s my work voicemail situation. They’ve moved to a system where people can leave voicemail, but the file gets emailed as a text transcript and an mp3. That’s obviously a more complicated fix, but I still think being able to opt out of it (especially since the technology to switch it off does kick in once you have 500 messages) is not unreasonable.

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Fascinating read.
Absolutely scintillating.
Really. :yum::rofl:

“In life there are no problems, only solutions.” ~ John Lennon

The easiest solution is usually the best.

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What a great deal for parties with enemies.

Republic wireless is a great fit for those who need and appreciate it.
Other companies are available for others.

Turning off voicemail won’t stop robo calls.
Not sure what your point is. Just ignore voicemail just like my post???

I’m reminded of my Dad saying once in the late 1980’s. It’s your phone. If you don’t like the person on the other end, hang up on them. It’s easy enough.

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It seems ridiculous to me that anyone would want to turn off voicemail and the request(s) to do so seem to obfuscate a hidden issue, simply that the person(s) have not bothered to learn that RW will delete all but the most recent 50 voicemails anytime a customer requests it. It takes only a few seconds to make this request to RW and the job gets done within a day.
It seems obvious why RW will not take the responsibility to delete the 50 most recent emails. You are free to delete those 50 most recent ones yourself, but as a retired attorney, I became very familiar over the years why people often regret having done so and literally beg their cell carrier to somehow magically restore them when it can’t be done, e.g. a loved dies suddenly and the customer wants to retrieve and save the sounds and contents of that loved one’s prior recent voice messages; or the recent voice messages of an abuser are needed to support a court complaint for protection, etc. So if you want to bother deleting the most recent 50 messages, it’s on you. The cell carrier is not going to take on that responsibility.
It is easy enough to use spam filters nowadays to discourage and/or block spam callers, but do you really want to prevent your doctor’s office from leaving a message reminding you of an upcoming appointment you may have forgotten, or urging you to immediately go to the emergency room because of a seriously adverse test result reading? How about preventing 911 or a friend or relative calling you back after you inexplicably got cut off while calling for help?
It seems to me that this complaint or that of others to demand RW “turn off voicemail” 'is not well thought out and is ill-conceived.

It’s great that you value voicemail, I don’t. I don’t want someone to leave a message thinking I will listen to it when I won’t.
My doctor’s office uses HIPPA compliant communication channels, not voicemail. For appointment reminders they offer text or email. I don’t want my doctor leaving me voicemails.
If I get cut off 911 or whoever else can call me back - I’'l pick up.
It’s perfectly well thought out. None of the cases above need voicemail, but having people be able to leave voicemail even though it is not checked is potentially dangerous.

My voicemail says:

This voicemail box is not listened to. Any message left here will not be heard. Please do not leave a message.

If they don’t listen. :man_shrugging:


Yes, and then there is a voice that chimes in saying ‘please leave a message’ beeeeeep.
It’s a horrible work-around that still leaves the possibility that someone will leave a message and think it is received when it isn’t.

Umm. My phone most certainly doesn’t do that. Just my message and a beep. As far as someone leaving a message any way, they kinda get what they deserve at that point.

Look, I get that you don’t understand why people want to turn voicemail off, and that’s ok, because for you, there is the fact that voicemail is on by default.

It’s not that I don’t understand it, I’m just correcting something you said that is simply factually wrong. If you set a message the system doesn’t add a “please leave a message” to the end of it.

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[quote="…, post:19, topic:36347"] we can argue later about whether ranting on Reddit instead of making a request to the company is an effective way of getting things done.

I think you’re a little confused, louisdi, about why I referred you to Reddit – this is what you would have learned had you actually gone there:

People are “ranting” (your word) that they made a request directly to RW to disable voicemail, and that Republic told them they couldn’t or wouldn’t do it. Actually, in most cases, they weren’t “ranting,” they were asking other RW users if they had a way to do it… just RW customers trying to help each other because their need/request wasn’t taken seriously by RW.

I’m on Reddit every day. I ready the Republic subreddit every day. Along with multiple other carrier subreddits (GoogleFi, Visible, ATT), the Universal Profile, Android Auto, GoogleFi, GoogleMessages. GooglePixel, GoogleVoice, GSuite, and Hangouts subreddit. I’ve quite literally read every post, in every one of those, for years. Guess how many times I’ve seen the request to turn off voicemail? So few, that I can remember a total of 1, 3 years ago, that YOU started. I know I’m supposed to search all of the internet to find the other “hundreds” you refer to, but then again, no thanks.

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Now the truth comes out… so, if you read RepublicWireless subreddit everyday, and you know there was a lot of interest in disabling voicemail – but you also know that the newest text post is over a month old – that’s because interest in Republic is dying.

You don’t have to “search all of the internet” (your phase), just the RepublicWireless and NoContract subreddits – surprisingly, you ignored mentioning the latter, even though you must know it has many more of Republic’s current and past customers, and is the primary source for competitive info on all MVNOs – it provides a much better picture of the “rise and fall” of Republic, and how companies like Mint Mobile “ate their lunch.”

I think you had an obligation to communicate what you learned about the competitive marketplace to Republic management – but either you didn’t, or they/you were too arrogant and complacent to listen and react. In the end, it’s all about understanding and responding to the marketplace,

By now, I presume you are aware Republic has agreed to be acquired by DISH Wireless. DISH previously acquired Ting Mobile. We now know Republic has roughly 200,000 customers and Ting prior to its acquisition by DISH had a similar number of customers. While those numbers may seem small, for independents like Republic and Ting they’re actually pretty good.

You assert interest in Republic is dying and that Mint Mobile ate Republic’s lunch, however, DISH is sufficiently interested in Republic to make an acquisition offer, which Republic has accepted and is pending regulatory approval. There is no way of knowing how many customers Mint has as, like Republic, it’s a private company and does not divulge those numbers. Absent those numbers, there’s no objective means of verifying whether Mint has eaten anyone’s lunch Republic’s or otherwise.


What in heck are you talking about? There are basically no threads on turning off voicemail, THAT was my point. Things that are more asked for in the Republic Subreddit: 1) New Phones 2) Old Phones 3) Refund Plan 4) International Calling 5) International Roaming 6) Data Roaming 7) Cheaper Data 8) Unlimited Data 9) Verizon Coverage 10) Nokia Phones 11) iPhones 12) International phone models 13) Non VoIP numbers 14) 5G 15) Multiple carriers 16) More sales 17) Data only SIM 18) Cheaper phones 19) Restock of Extend Home 20) Restart development of Republic Anywhere 21) 7 digit dialing That’s just a brief review of the topics with more threads in the past 3 years than turning off voicemail.

I didn’t search the NoContract subreddit, that’s why I didn’t mention it. I know, I know, that’s where your “hundreds” or requests are hiding.


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Yes, I am aware of the DISH acquisition, and I do sincerely wish that Republic benefits from it…

I do, however, need to put an end to this banter, because it’s becoming silly – therefore, over and (permanently) out – goodbye all.


Hey That’s awesome! I know that Ting has developed ground breaking technology to turn off voicemail!
Maybe that’s why Dish bought them??? Since Dish also bought Republic maybe we can hope this advanced feature will be coming to us all soon!

Republic did not buy Ting. Ting was bought by Dish. Republic was also bought by Dish

Thanks for the correction! Let’s hope Dish shares the technology Ting developed with Republic!

Given that it likely would mean that Dish is ripping out the Republic back-end and replacing it, I’m genuinely hopeful this is not on the horizon.

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