Why did I get 2 GB of free data? (new BYOP Moto G5+ w/My Choice + 1 GB)


Yesterday (9-18) I changed to a new phone (BYOP Moto G5+), which required I change my old Republic Refund plan to a My Choice + 1 GB plan. Today I got an unexpected extra 2 GB of data. That’s nice, but why? The last refund from my old 0.5GB of Cellular Data is still outstanding, and I’m wondering if this has something to do with that.

The Republic App says that I bought 2.5 GB of data

Hi @charlesb.jymxjj,

Are you by chance located in North or South Carolina? I ask because Republic has added 2 GB of cell data for free to help those impacted by the events surrounding Hurricane Florence as they did for those of us in Florida impacted by Hurricane Irma last year.


Ah, yes, I’m in NC. This explanation seems likely. Thanks.


Hi @charlesb.jymxjj,

It’s not just likely, it’s the reason you received the additional data. Did you not receive an E-mail about it?


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