Why do calls drop when going in and out of a roaming area?



As the title says, why do calls drop when you enter a roaming area? Do other services do this, and I didn’t notice it?
I am currently using the Moto G5 Plus, if that even matters in this case. I was traveling through a roaming area couple days ago and every time either I or someone else was using my phone for a call we’d go through a roaming area and the call would drop. Is there a way around that or should it even be happening?



Roaming is best-effort service you probably hit a dead zone for just long enough to drop the call. Transitioning towers is typically when a call drops and going from one carrier to another it is even more likely. Are you on GSM or CDMA both handle roaming very differently?


Hi @benjaminf.haklmn

Roaming on a cell network means that the phone connects via another network’s towers. The signal and data will be passed from one company to another in order to things to work right. These agreements allow for extra coverage when one company has not built their own towers in a specific area.

As seanr has mentioned by posting before me (.-.)… A roaming partner can make calls but may not be able to transition the call from your carrier to their carrier. In these and other situations, the call may disconnect and drop.


I am on CDMA. So I know the transition would be from Sprint to Verizon (as per SignalCheck’s info). I wouldn’t mind trying out GSM if you’d guys let me go back to which ever one I preferred after testing it out. I know GSM is a better technology than CDMA, at least from what I read, and it seems like that’s the way the industry is going.

So roaming from service to service is basically like UDP network protocol?


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