Why do I get a message " must be a US or Canadian phone number"

When responding to a group MMS I get an error message " must use a US or Canadian phone number to sent this message". It’s bogus, I’m in the US.

Are you replying to a 10 digit US or Canadian number?

All 10 digit numbers aren’t US/Canada

242 - Bahamas
441 - Bermuda
784 - St. Vincent and Grenadines
246 - Barbados
473 - Grenada, Carriacou, and Petite Martinique
809, 829, and 849 - Dominican Republic
264 - Anguilla
649 - Turks and Caicos
868 - Trinidad and Tobago
268 - Antigua
664 - Montserrat
876 - Jamaica
284 - British Virgin Islands
721 - St. Maarten
758 - St. Lucia
869 - St. Kitts and Nevis
345 - Cayman Islands
767 - Dominica

True there are other countries that are part of NANPA. The question to the OP is still a valid one. Republic supports calling and text messaging only to U.S. and Canadian numbers.

Here is the response I got: “Please use a valid number for MMS. (Only US or Canadian numbers are supported)”. I and all in the group are in the US with US numbers. I have a new phone…I suspect Republic has something screwed up. I’ve started a ticket but no response yet. In the past Republic has had trouble keeping MMS messaging working for me.

Quickest way to debug this, would be to send individual messages to the people on the group and see which one is failing.

Every ticket we have ever seen with that error is because either the user is trying to send to an email address(feature we do not support) or one of the user’s in the group chat is email not phone number. It is the same error if you send to and International phone number.

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