Why do I get a message that Republic does not support the default messaging app on my Samsung S9?


Why do I get a message that Republic does not support the default messaging app on my Samsung S9?

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I have Samsung S9
My plan is talk, text + 1G date
Samsung S9 has a default messaging app. If I don’t use Republic messaging app, I get a message that the app I’m using is not supported by republic.


the Default texting app on Samsung devices is the Samsung Messages which does not support the needed System MMS API that Republic needs to use to send Texts via WiFi on it’s WiFi first Hybrid VOIP with Cell backup service


So all the features of the Samsung S9 messaging app can’t be used with Rupublic?

This degrades the phone.

That seems strange since you sell the S9. The alternatives you sent were for the S7.

Does “Anywhere” work ? The Anywhere features are not anywhere near as good as Samsung.

Is republic going to fix this?


Hi @katharinee.i191o2,

First, please understand that here in Republic’s online Community, you’re communicating mostly with fellow Republic members. Republic likes to call customers members. Staff drops in from time to time, however, neither I or @drm186 are staff.

Sadly, Republic cannot fix Samsung’s Messages app to work with its unique blended WiFi/cell service. Samsung would need to do so and while that may one day happen, I’m not confident that day will be soon. I understand there are unique features to Samsung’s Messages app, however, you will not have a satisfactory experience using it with Republic.

Messaging apps that do work with Republic’s blended WiFi/cell service include Messages by Google, Republic Anywhere and the three apps in the article @drm186 references, the title of that article notwithstanding. When I wrote the article the S8 hadn’t yet been released never mind the S9.


If Samsung decides to update its app to the standards released with Android Marshmallow (3 years ago) then the app will start working with Republic. Republic can’t fix Samsung’s failure to meet anywhere near recent standards.


Thank you for the explanation. I am still a bit confused about which messaging apps will work. Could you help me out there?

Thanks, Kathy


Hi @katharinee.i191o2,

You’re most welcome! My apologies if I’ve further muddied the waters for you. Part of the challenge is though you see and reply via email, I’m typing this directly into Republic’s Community forums. Let me see if I can structure this reply in a way that’s email friendly.

Republic supports two text messaging apps:

  1. Messages by Google
  2. Republic Anywhere

Other apps I’ve tested personally and found to work:

  1. Chomp
  2. Signal
  3. Textra

If things are formatted as I hope, clicking the app name will take you to the app in Google’s Play Store.

The virtue of using one of the first two options is as supported apps, all that’s required is installing one and then setting as your default messaging app in place of Samsung’s app.

The second list of three apps as unsupported means they require some settings tweaks to get them working properly. Those tweaks are described here: Text Messaging Apps That Work with Republic. I updated this old article today largely as the result of your inquiry. Thank you for that, I hope this helps you and potentially other Community members.


Thank you very much. Kathy

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