Why do I have to buy a new phone?

I already have an LG model, and so does my husband. Both are flip-phones. If I don’t want to buy a new phone, do I have to?

In order to make Republic’s WiFi first system work, you need Republic’s app. This system is how Republic keeps costs down but requires an approved smart phone to work. I doubt your flip phone can make calls over WiFi anyway (I’ve never seen one that can) so quite simply your phone is not compatible with the service.


Changing to a smartphone from a clamshell phone is a learning curve all of us in the community had to learn in order to save money and do WIFI first over cell service. The “Moto G4 Play” is $149 from the RW store. The “G4 Play” has a 5" screen.

The “Moto G4” is $199 from the RW store and has a 5.5" screen (*note all phones from the RW store come with the RW sim card at no addl cost…

Moto G (4th Gen.) | Republic Wireless

Moto G PLAY (4th Gen.) | Republic Wireless

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