Why Do I Have WiFi But No Internet?


What phone do you have? MOTO G 4

What plan are you on? My Choice + 1 GB

Does your plan include data, or just talk & text? Yes data

Issue Description

I’ll be at a hotel, connected to their wifi, phone says it’s a strong connection, but then also says on cell network, can’t get messages, and I also can’t connect to the internet, while others all around me are connecting just fine. I don’t know when it started, as it’s been like this for a long time. I also get weird diagnostic results even at home, saying this or that’s not working well, yet my WiFi at home is just fine, strong, etc, And I don’t have problems accessing the internet at home, only when I"m out.


Many businesses that offer free WiFi take you to a “captive portal” where you must agree to their terms before you will gain internet access. Typically the captive portal will appear if you go into chrome. Ask the people at the desk for help if that doesn’t solve your problem.


Adding a link back to the other discussion Getting “Voice calls only” and using huge, unintended amounts of Cell Data as this provides some additional information.


I did start a separate question, but I can see the responses will be the same. And I get the same “advice” when I run Diagnostics on the phone, “check your network”, “work with your IT folks”. Well, “my network” at home works just fine, although I get several error messages from Diagnostics, giving me instructions to do things I have no clue what it’s talking about! Since Republic’s focus is on WiFi, why isn’t there greater explanations as to how to deal with all these errors & contradictions, I’m connected, and I’m not connected?
And if everyone else around me is connected to the same WiFi network, yet I’m the only one unable to access the internet, that leads me to believe it’s not the WiFi at fault…

I wish there was some way to take the responses from the Diagnostic and just post them here, without having to write it all out, but via a screenshot or something. I can bring up the full logs, and it warns about sharing all the info with anyone other than someone from Republic’s support staff, but how would I share this report??

Getting “Voice calls only” and using huge, unintended amounts of Cell Data

The user invoked Diagnostic tests and the results (both the Notifications and the ‘Full Logs’) are an important new enhancement to the latest Republic Wireless application. The warning you see is for our own protection, as the logs show the users phone number in the clear. The use of the tests and logging function is still in its infancy, but in the meantime if you can grab a screenshot of the Test Results and post back, there are some of us that will be willing to try to interpret it with you.
Example of information that can be useful


Hi @stevencee,

I’ve moved your additional post into this topic so we can focus the conversation and troubleshooting in a single place.


@stevencee Are you still having these issues?



Yes!! It’'s very frustrating, seeing other people getting on the web, while my phone says I’m connected, yet it also says “no wifi, no messages, etc”, and I can’t access the internet! Now, even if I were NOT getting wifi I should still be able to connect via the cell network, right? So why can I do neither? This is a real drag, as I’m there several times a month, and can’t do much. I have been able to make some calls some times, and I think even access the web one day. Which makes it even more odd, as that means it’s not anything to do with a “wrong password”, or not accepting terms, or having any Norton software.

Then recently I had a hard time getting any service at all, on a trip to Nashville, but since a lot of the way was pretty rural, it wasn’t as big a deal. However, I couldn’t get service just a mile or two from my house, right here in Atlanta, which was not good. Why is my service so sketchy?


I’m trying to figure out exactly what you’ve got going on. It seems to me like you’re reporting two different things. One an issue when you’re connected to wifi and then separately a coverage issue when off wifi, is that correct?


I’m not sure how to take a screenshot on my phone, but just ran Diagnostics again, and this is what it showed:

2 Warnings:
WiFi Co-Channel
Ping ISP

2 Diagnostics that Failed:
VoIP Network Packet Loss (from echo server) with “possible” threshold
VoIP Network Packet Loss (from echo server) with “good” threshold

Now, these both say there’s too much data loss across the network for a WiFi call, but It says I’m connected, and I’ve had no trouble with calls, as I’m home, and my connection is strong & fast. So why does it say this??? This is my biggest issue, nonsensical, contradictory messages from Republic, via my phone! None of these make any sense, and are all saying there’s not a good Wifi connection, there may be interference, & my ISP may not be responding! HUH?? And where else will I find a “more uncrowded channel”???


Yes, and maybe three separate but similar issues. My phone is either not acting right, or the messages I’m getting from Republic aren’t right, or sometimes both… :wink:


So the app is telling you that your wifi has enough problems with ping and packet loss that it might not work for calling. That doesn’t keep you from being connected to the network, from streaming video, from browsing the web. Real-time audio is very sensitive to network quality because well it is real-time, it can’t buffer or suffer latency.

So none of that has anything to do with you being connected, in fact you can only get that message with a connection.

As far as a less crowded channel that would be a change that would be made on your router. Do you know how to log-in to the admin interface of your wifi router?

  • The WiFi Co-Channel message from Republic is reporting what the adapter is seeing you phone and it means that there are other Routers/AP on the same channel that you are using and they are strong enough that they are causing interference
    • This can lead to the other warnings and failures that you posted above.
  • I would suggest that you perform Quick Check #2 from the Router Tweaks … the instructions there will provide an example and basic how-to info
  • Post back the router you have and someone will be able to help you change to a better channel

fyi the majority of routers only check for a good channel when the router is reset/powered off/on, so depending on your router and your neighbors, a power cycle of the network can clear up a lot (Quick Check #1 provides a method to ensure a complete reset of your network)


jben, the only problem with all this, is we have only one router, for the two of us who live here, and we’re the only ones on it, so I don’t see how it can be too crowded, or how I would choose a different channel, or why it even matters, because I don’t have any problems with my service when I’m at home.

I get basically the same results when I did the Diagnostics at the Hilton, and there’s even less there I have any control over, which is why the advice makes little sense to me.


What type of environment do you live in? If you have any neighbors that are near you at all, it is likely their networks that are interfering. In an urban environment you might have dozens of interfering networks, even in the suburbs there could be a half dozen or more. Jben’s advice is good and likely the only way to resolve the issue.


I have neighbors, but ours is a locked “network” as are most of theirs. But the bigger point, is that despite what the Diagnostics may say about our set-up here, I don’t have any problems with being connected when at home, so this is a moot point, and not relevant to the issues I have when I’m not at home. Thankfully, I don’t make a lot of calls when I’m out, or the problems I’m having would be far more frustrating. I’d like to remain a Republic customer as time goes on, but if I find myself needing to use my phone, for calls or accessing the web, more, I may have to look elsewhere.

No one’s yet given me any explanation nor solution for when I can’t do anything on the phone, when it says I’m connected to WiFi, but also tells me on the cellular network, but still can’t access the internet…


This is completely irrelevant. Radio frequency interference doesn’t matter whether it is a locked wifi network, a microwave oven or an unlicensed pirate radio station. The issue is multiple devices trying to “talk” on the same frequency at once. What they’re saying, or whether they’re locked, doesn’t matter.

I think no one has given you an answer because we don’t quite understand what you’re saying. Where are you seeing this message? Under what circumstances? When you’re out and about you don’t have “wifi” as that’s a local network. I would think you meant at home, but you’re saying you don’t have issues at home. So when exactly are you having this issue?


Typically it’s easier to tackle one issue at time. If you’ll run the diagnostic @jben recommended so the Community can help you evaluate how crowded the airspace may be and whether a different Wi-Fi channel might solve the situation on your home network, we could then focus on the symptoms and descriptions of one of the other issues you’ve brought up.


I thought I’ve been clear about this. At home, there’s not really an issue, except for the fact that lately my phone hasn’t been responding when I slide to open it, answer calls, or touch on files to open them. But that is another issue. My WiFi one is when I’m out of the house, such as when I’m at a downtown hotel, where I play a couple times a month. Or one day when I was outside, in my neighborhood, and there was no wifi nor cell service… But I should be able to access the internet even when I am not on WiFi, correct? Or else how would GPS programs like Waze or Google Maps work when driving?