Why do only T Mobile phones have great deals?


Over the last few months, Republic has had some real good deals on phones.
When trying to buy, I find out they won’t work in my area because T Mobile doesn’t have a presence here.

Today, I ordered 2 Huawei Ascends on a deal.
I wasn’t asked for my zip but, after ordering, I saw that they were only T Mobile phones.
Is this correct?

If so, wonder why no deals on Sprint phones.


Hi @larryf.91t4t7,

The Ascend 5W is indeed a GSM only phone. It simply lacks that hardware (radios) to be provisioned on a CDMA network.

Of the phones currently sold by Republic, only the Moto G4, Moto G5+ and Samsung Galaxy S7 edge may currently be provisioned with CDMA coverage. Of the three phones currently on sale. one the G5+ may indeed be provisioned with CDMA coverage. At $224 for a 64 GB phone, it’s a steal in my opinion.

Generally, GSM only phones will tend to be less expensive than phones capable of being provisioned on either GSM or CDMA networks due to economies of scale. GSM only phones may be activated almost anywhere in the world. Phones capable of being used on CDMA networks are, for the most part, needed only in North America. As large as the U.S. market is, the rest of the world is larger.


Thanks, Roland.

My Moto G4 Play was only $99 (I think)
As someone on fixed income, $200+ phones don’t fit.
That’s why I’m with Republic.


The $99 Moto E4 (currently on backorder) IS a GSM/CDMA phone but is temporarily only able to be activated on the GSM partner. It is expected that by the end of the year it will be able to be Sprint activated.


Thanks for that info, louisdi.
My wife is a Tracfone user and cheap.
She won’t go with a $99 phone.
My daughter is currently on Republic with a Moto E but may need to update soon