Why do others hear an echo or my distorted voice when I answer on speakerphone?


I have a Samsung Galaxy S6 that I bought in December after my Gen 1 Moto X stopped working. I bought the Otterbox Defender case to go with it. When I answer a call on speakerphone, the other caller usually hears their own voice echo or my voice is distorted in some way. It doesn’t do this when I answer without speakerphone. I am thinking it might be the case, but I haven’t read anywhere that this case causes this issue with the phone.

Has anyone run into this issue? Is there a way to fix the case if that is the problem?

I have attached a photo of the bottom of my phone for reference to how the case covers the microphone.


Phones use the alternate microphones to cancel out any noise. Speakerphone is harder to cancel out than other background noise so if a microphone is compromised, it can cause the caller to get feedback echo.


Do you think it could be the microphone not working properly? What should I do in that case? The phone is only 4 1/2 months old.

  • Does the echo happen all the time in speaker phone mode?
  • Does it get better or go away when you turn down the volume?
  • Does it get better with the case off?
    Is it consistent with the above? All WiFi calls? All Cell calls? Both?

I’ll need to test it out some more and get back to you. It has been over both WiFi and Cell calls. It happens more often than not, but there have been a few times that it did not.


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