Why do "people" keep appearing on my phone list? - reply to DaddyDave

Sorry for reposting this, but I couldn’t figure out how to reply as indicated in your response. Feel free to delete.

thanks so much for replying. I am using contacts and when I check the app, I see Google and Exchange (don’t know what that is). Google last synced in August 2016 but Exchange last syncs about 20 minutes ago. I have shut off the calendar, contacts and email sync option. That’s all I can do. Do you know if I have to still delete each blank contact individually? I’m not on Facebook.


All contacts should run through the Gmail account on the phone. If you get onto a computer and login to the Gmail account the contacts can be deleted edited updated from there and should be considered your master list of contacts.

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If you click on the “Exchange” label, does it show you an email account you recognize? If so and you don’t wish to sync it, you might want to try and remove the account similar to how I showed to remove an unwanted Google account.

Also did you click the Google label to see if it was just the one account?

On the exchange account it showed me my own email address, the one I use all the time. The Google account is the one I needed to set RW up but I haven’t used it since. Can I turn off all the syncs on that and not the exchange account?

I’m confused. I’m not using the Gmail account (never given that email to anyone). Must they run through Gmail? What if they don’t?

If Exchange works similar to the way google accounts work in contacts, you could try:

  • Open Contacts App:
  • Select “:” looking symbol (with 3 dots) upper right corner
  • Select “Accounts”
  • Select “Exchange”
  • Select the an account if one is shown
  • See if there is a slider selection for “Contacts” you can slide off

Yes, but you may just want to shut off the contacts, as I don’t know how you are using Exchange and I am not familiar with the Exchange servers.

There is, thanks. I’ll give that a try. Really, thanks so much. Now off to start deleting the blank contact.

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