Why do "people" keep appearing on my phone list?


I keep getting “people” added to my phone list but there are no names or numbers, just head outlines. I must delete them one by one but they start appearing all over again. Currently there are just under 00 and more keep appearing. A friend thought it might be connected to my gmail account but I only set one up for RW,I don’t use their email. Any help would be appreciated. I’ve been with RW 2 years but don’t really use my 1st Gen Moto G and $10 plan except to call & text (some wifi). Not even sure how I would find any answers to this question, guess I’ll just search for the same question.


@linny7, are you using “People” app or “Contacts” to see the names?

I ask because I think “People” was what was used with the old Kit-Kat operating system for that phone for the contacts, but it should have been upgraded to “Lollipop”, which now uses the “Contacts” app. If you are still using KitKat, not sure what issues that can cause.

But if you are using “Contacts”, try opening the Contacts app, click on the 3 dots in the upper right side to expand the menu, and select the “Accounts”. Do you see more than just the “Google” there? If so you may be trying to sync with multiple accounts and be getting contacts from them as well. Also click on “Google” and check if you are connected to more than one Google account as well.

The “People” app if you are still on Kit-Kat, may have a similar option.

Also if you see a Google account or other account you do not want to have synced for your contacts you can remove it by:click on the account name, then hit the 3 dots in upper right corner, and select “Remove account”.

UPDATE: Just saw where some people who use Facebook attached to their phones have Facebook contacts beings synced automagically. See: How do I get rid of automatic contacts added to my phone? | Facebook Help Community | Facebook